My Farming Week, Schmallenberg Virus and New Arrivals.

The farm has been fairly quiet this week nothing really happening only the usual work .

On Friday evening I caught up with this weeks Ear To The Ground where they did a piece on the Schmallenberg Virus. On the programme they visited two farms in Wexford which is only about an hour and a half drive from us. The virus is a thing that has been at the back of my mind since before lambing last year, I have been trying not to read or think to much about it. When it comes to farms that close to home we now have no choice but think about it and the effect it could have on our small flock. I googled images of how the virus effects unborn lambs and calves but they are just to graphic to put on my blog . To be honest I don’t know how we would cope if everyday we went out we were having four and five dead and deformed lambs it would break both my heart and the bank . I know there is nothing we can do if our ewes do have it and whatever may come we will have to cope but for us lambing this year is going to be a constant worry. After this weeks Ear To The Ground Schmallenberg is right at the front of my thoughts as our lambing date gets closer. Listening to the farmers talking about how they pulled lambs from ewes in pieces , legs snapping like carrots , severely deformed lambs and having four and five dead a day makes me sick to my stomach. I hope by the time next years lambing comes around we will have a vaccine to give the ewes so no farmer has this worry over them.


The first of this years twenty bull calves arrived on Wednesday, I had forgotten just how cute they are when they are so small. The weanling bulls look so big now compared to them its hard to remember what they were like that small. Five arrived on Friday with fifteen more to come over the next two weeks. We bought them again off the same farmer as last year , buying from the same farm is great because we know how and when they are fed , how healthy the cows are and that they are BVD free. At the moment they are on twice a day milk and have just started on calf meal as well. The first day they got the meal all they did was push it up and down the trough but once they got a taste they really like it now.

Two of my livery women went today to their first dressage competition , one horse I have been riding and I was delighted today when he came second in his group . He had a hard week of work in preparation for today but its great when you see the work pay off and he goes well and his owner rides well and it all falls into place . He is not always easy to ride and some days has a totally different plan in his head than what you want to do but today he was on the same page as his owner.


Myself and the three little farmers are getting away from the farm for three
days break tomorrow. It’s the first time they have been away since before the littlest farmer arrived and they can’t wait to go. They work hard on the farm and with the horses when they are not in school and get no pocket money for it so I was delighted when we got this chance to go away. The farmer is staying at home and will need a holiday when we get back after having to do all the work for the three days on his own , the horses will be delighted I am away they won’t have to do any work :).



2 thoughts on “My Farming Week, Schmallenberg Virus and New Arrivals.

  1. Unfortunatly the Schmallenberg Virus is causing major problems for farmers all over the country. Hopefully things don’t get any worse. I love your blog. Your posts are great and so are your picures. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • I am glad you are enjoying the blog , it is a little quiet at the minute due to sheep and phone problems . It is a horrible virus and I have just heard a friend of mine has just had here first ewe lamb of the season and the lamb was only half formed. I have everything crossed ours will be ok .

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