I Love To Draw.


As a child I loved colouring books and colours , I would spend hours colouring all the pictures making sure they were neat and brightly coloured. Then when I started secondary school the first subject I knew I had to do was art. It was the one subject I loved to do and I was always first to class and last to leave.

I am no way talented when it comes to drawing and when I started my class in school I found that out . We had some really talented artists in my class who made my pictures look like doodles a three year old created. The fact that I could only ever reach a certain level never bothered me because I love everything about art. I loved the colours , the relaxing feeling drawing gave me , the time to work things out in my head , the way the different materials felt on the paper , the way all the colours work together to make your picture come to life .

After school I gave up on my drawing altogether as R and L were small and to be honest I couldn’t afford the supplies and paper I used to get through . Even though I didn’t have the time it was something that was always niggling at the back of my mind. So when the boys were older I started back and took classes in a local school .  The classes were 10 weeks in Autumn  and 10 weeks in spring and I loved every minute of them , I still found it so relaxing now my drawing hadn’t improved over my break but I loved it. Then the littlest farmer arrived and my parents got sick and we took over the farm and again my hobby went out the window.

It is there again over the last few weeks niggling away at the back of my mind , I have taken out all my supplies and pictures looked at them and put them back . I don’t have the time to go back to my classes at the minute but today I rooted out all my stuff again . When I was drawing before life got in the way I used to sketch while I ate my breakfast it’s probably the only half hour in the day I have to myself so I am going to try this again and see how it works for me. For me it is a way to relax and sort everything in my head , I find blogging the same and it’s something that is always in my mind so maybe it’s something I need to do for myself. Here are some of my pictures I drew while doing my classes a few years ago :). What hobby do you love ?




3 thoughts on “I Love To Draw.

  1. Great post and I think you have perfectly wonderful drawing skills. One of my creative pursuits is drawing and painting too and life does tend to get in the way. Now that My son is 19 and living on his own i do have more time for my creative work but i still have a full time day job. One of the reasons I started my blog was because it is something i can fit into the small moments i have through out my day. I love that you draw during breakfast. I journal, so in answer to your question, i think Writing is my largest creative pursuit. great post keep drawing.

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