My Farming Week.

This should really be ‘My last two weeks farming’ because that’s how much I have to tell you all. Our first lambing of the season started and god I had forgotten how bad the lack of sleep is. We only had four pedigree’s to lamb , one of which is not due to lamb till march .Now only three to lamb should be easy but these girls really know how to test you . When lambing starts myself and the farmer have a routine so we both get sleep and the work is still done during the day. I stay up each night till between eleven and twelve , he goes to bed at nine. The farmer gets up at three and again at six , he does the mucking out while I do any sheep related work . The first girl lambed all on her own and she had a single ram lamb which has been called Sean , the second one was having twins but they were in a total knot in her so we had to get the vet for this one neither of her lambs survived . One died at birth and one we tried to keep alive nearly a week but then she died as well on us, this was tough because we were feeding her every few hours even through the night. The last one lambed and had another single , a ewe lamb this time and she needed help as the lamb was huge and coming with just a head and one leg so that took a little help , having small hands is great at lambing time :). Our other pedigree decided she had twins last year and wasn’t going to have any this year so she is out with the other ewes quiet happy not to be a mother this year.


The half bred ewes are all due to lamb around the 10th March so they are now on nuts twice a day to help keep condition on them and with milk production when they get closer to lambing. They also have a bale of hay in the field with them as grass is not good this time of the year . We only have the twins on nuts at the minute the singles are going on nuts next week . The next job we need to do with the ewes is bring them all in and inject them with Heptavac P , this will help protect them and their lambs for picking up clostridial diseases . The ewes are all in good form despite being out in all the weather .

I decided in the middle of the spoilt sheep lambing that I would pick up a nasty flu that went to my chest . That made doing my normal work that bit harder . I think god was trying to kill me off because the vet decided he was going to do our TB test and he picked two on the wettest , coldest days to come test them and then come back to see if they are all ok. The Friday he came we all got soaked to our bones and I ended up in bed after he was gone I felt that rough . He was back on the Monday to make sure all the bulls were clear and it was another wet , cold day and again we got soaked . They all passed and are clear to go to the factory when they are ready. The TB test is always a worry just in case one has it and you are stuck then not being able to sell any. You try not to think about it but when I was on the farm feeding it was hard not to look at their necks just in case there was a lump.

The horses were neglected for the last two weeks because I just wasn’t able to ride so they all had a little holiday. One horse that I ride is starting to do some dressage tests with his owner and his first big one is next Sunday, so for him this week it will be a full week of dressage so he is going well for his owner on Sunday.

We now have a few weeks to relax and get extra jobs done on the farm and around the horses before our next group of women start to lamb because once they start there will be little time for much each. I can see my blog, twitter and facebook getting neglected for a few weeks :).


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