Why Farmerette and Not Farmer ?

On Twitter on Tuesday a very interesting point and one I hadn’t thought about at all came up. It was we don’t have Doctorette’s or Pilotette’s so why farmerette’s ?. I had never given much thought to being a farmerette it is just what I would call myself .

When I did think about it and about being called a farmerette I saw why for me it is important to keep my farmerette name.

  • When a woman is a doctor or pilot or nearly any other job they can wear dresses , make up and have their hair nice if they want. As a farmer that is not possible in your day to day work. Make up would run down your face , one windy wet hour  and your hair looks like a drowned rat and a dress is never an option.
  • Being a farmer leaves you with very little time to feel feminine and girlie it is a very physically demanding job and there is nothing feminine about smelling of animal poop and sweat.
  • It is a job that you can easily forget you are a woman .
  • It is why I kept my hair long and blonde and try to wear mascara (waterproof I learned the hard way) most days.
  • I try to keep my nails painted even though it only lasts a few days it gives my rough hands a little more feminine feel.
  • I try to have pretty wellies not the standard green farmer wellies if I can :).
  • I am not a girlie girl but I want to remember I am a woman and even though I do a man’s job I don’t need to look like one :).
  • I want to be a farmerette because it is another little thing to make my job a little more feminine rather than just being a farmer :).



3 thoughts on “Why Farmerette and Not Farmer ?

  1. I thought I did a post on this too some time ago but couldn’t find it so it must all have been in my head! 🙂 Have to admit I wear the green wellies but do consider myself a bit of a fair weather farmer, hence the farmerette 🙂

  2. in my 30’s I was very worried about names. My own, others etc…now I just do what I do. Here in the US I just refer to myself as a farmer but if someone called me a “farmerette” I would just think it was cute. The work load remains the same. And dresses? Yes, I do wear them here in the hot summer. They are sleeveless and cotton and not really attractive but they keep me cool so I can keep working. With my chunky bod, the dress has nothing to do with looks !

  3. I applaud your attempt to maintain a bit of femininity during your day to day job, I can barely manage it in the office and put on a converse & jeans uniform most days!

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