Our First Lamb Of 2013.

I was hoping to have this up for everyone to see yesterday but our wifi just refused to cooperate with me so I gave up. This is Sean the sheep (the littlest farmers choice) a little ram lamb. He was born Saturday evening and his Mam was only an hour having him. We have three more pedigree’s to lamb and then it’s a break to catch up on sleep before the other 54 girls lamb at the start of March.


7 thoughts on “Our First Lamb Of 2013.

  1. Ooh, look at that: Sean the sheep is so cute … I am (still) dreaming of having a sheep myself, as I love these animals. Love its name as well: the charm of having a little farmer 🙂

  2. First lamb is always special. I get very snap happy at lambing and my poor ewes get so fed up with me. You can almost hear them say “oh for gods sake, here’s that daft woman again!”

    Hope the rest of lambing goes well for you.
    CJ x

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