Quick Post,My Food Is Ruined.

I love my food , it’s my treat after my day of lessons on Saturday or a treat with a cup of coffee in the evening. First went all chocolate , next it was Chinese and now it’s beef or should I say equine burgers.

It started just before Christmas with chocolate . Stomach cramps and feeling sick every time I ate any . Of course I put it down to everything other than the chocolate . How could my one love be making me feel so bad but in the end I had to give in and no more chocolate. Over Christmas it was hard with so much sweets around and chocolate biscuits. My favourite time of the day was my coffee and some sort of chocolate in the evening when everything was done for the day.

Then three weeks ago I started to get the same trouble every time I had my Saturday Chinese. This was my treat for my Saturday lessons and from lunch I would be deciding what to have. I was so sad when it started to happen with this as well . No chocolate and then no Chinese , what could be next ?

Then it happened , this week , they decided to put horse meat into our beef burgers . I know we eat a lot of food that is probably much worse for us but I can’t bring myself to eat another beef burger unless I make them at home myself. The farmers were getting on to me that I have probably eaten at least two of my ponies by now .

So far the end to 2012 and start to 2013 has been a disaster on my treats , wonder what will be next ??.


8 thoughts on “Quick Post,My Food Is Ruined.

  1. If you can’t tolerate your Chinese meal treat, then I would say (no expert, mind), you might be allergic to MSG. I have found that I cannot eat bread from anywhere other than the local bakery, or making my own. Sliced pan stuff makes me feel really bad. I too wonder what’s next.

    • I think you might be right , I was blaming the garlic but had a little of R’s the other evening no garlic and it killed me. Its very annoying when it starts to happen . Haven’t noticed bread yet but I get the feeling there will be more. Have to ever had food allergy testing done ?

  2. I kind of wish this would happen to me with chocolate, I eat way too much of it. But if it did I’d feel the same as you. Hopefully you’ll find some replacements that will still be treats.

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