Time To Shake It Up A Little.

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I really enjoyed the Unravelling course I did in the Autumn so when I heard Susannah was doing a blogging one after Christmas I couldn’t wait. We started last week and have a class each day during the week .

As always when I start something it always seems to be at the busiest times of the year for me and last week and most of this one has been mental. Yesterday I had to collect Dad from one of his many hospital appointments and of course I was waiting nearly three hours for him. This time I used to catch up on all the lessons and there is a lot to be done .

The course is all about your blog , how it looks , who you want to read it , how you want people to feel when they read it and after and how much or little you will share of yourself , that’s all in the first week and a half.

So over the coming weeks you can expect to see possibly  a new theme , a new way of posting , more photos and a more honest blog more like the ones I like to read. I won’t be changing the content it will still be everything that happens on our busy little farm but I will be sharing it in new ways.

Everyone should try this course, Susannah has a great way of getting you to think about things that had never entered my head like , who is your blog reader ? what does he/she look like ? . I have only been blogging a little over a year but had never thought of that , I just wrote and but very little thought into my readers ( sorry ) what they like or want to hear about. Blogging I know is suppose to be for yourself but you have to think of all the people who make the effort to come and read what you write , they deserve something as well :).

So over the next five to six weeks I will shake things up a little and give this little blog a makeover , a good start to the new year a blog spring clean.



4 thoughts on “Time To Shake It Up A Little.

  1. Best of luck it sounds like you are loving it. Your blog reader this morning is in her jammies, looking out on a very wet grey day and grabbing a few moments from her breakfast to comment! Loved your post and look forward to more:~))

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