Over Again.


We spend so long waiting for Christmas to arrive all the getting ready,buying presents for everyone and all the house work we have to do just in case someone might see a dirty floor or cobweb that might be in the house. Our day went well thank god because I was worried about it but everyone was quiet and nothing was said .

The farmers were all awake early and waited for the farmer to feed before they headed down stairs to open their presents. The littlest  farmer wasn’t to sure when he came down what he was suppose to do , he just stood looking at the presents as much to say it’s just more presents. Once the first one was opened he knew what to do , his face was magic to see just pure amazement at what was happening .The oldest little farmers got clothes,games and a new phone while the littlest farmer got tractors and playdoh and a game.

I was very spoilt this year and got a new tablet so this is my first post on it so fingers crossed there isn’t to many mistakes made it’s a little different to my normal net book, but I love it .

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas , looking forward now to getting started on next year.


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