Lambs and The Littlest Farmer.

We are all about lambs at the minute on the farm and not new born ones . These are lambs still on the farm since April. There are 13 left which have now been divided into three groups two going to the mart and one to the factory.

Some of the reason we still have lambs on the farm is we didn’t give them meal early enough , their mam’s were all ewe lambs and the weather this year . So over the last few weeks we have been weighing them and putting them into groups of rams and ewes. We now have some for the factory and the rest are going to the mart.


Up until last week we had never brought sheep to the mart we had always waited till they were ready for the factory . Of course I missed out on going to the mart because it was lesson day but some how I never miss on the factory days and I hate bringing them to the factory. I always feel so sorry for them going into the factory even though I know it has to be done sending them to the mart is easier because you are just selling them to someone else. The littlest farmer loves doing the sheep, he loves moving them and when they have a sore foot he rubs their heads while they are getting them done .

Another thing he has wanted to start doing is helping us in the evenings when we feed and see the sheep , he used to go into Grandad while we did the work but not any more. We have a little assistant who tries to carry the full buckets of meal , give the silage to the bulls and carries around the empty buckets. He has to count the ewes which is normally ‘2,9,10 ,3 , 54 ‘ , I think I need to teach him his number’s :). The evening yard work used to take us an hour now we have to add and extra half hour for the littlest farmer.

I will be happy when all the lambs are gone off the farm so we can start getting ready for the next lot , the first of which are due the start of January . I will be sorry they are gone but it feels like the last lambing season is just hanging on. We also have to dose all the ewes and bulls for fluke which is a huge problem this year so that will be a high tension day next week . Normally on days like that myself and the farmer will fall out with each other twenty times in a space of a few hours but its all forgotten when we are home. He has said he is going to get a sign for the farm gate which will read ‘ Leave your feelings at this gate before entering ‘  the joys of farming with your other half :).


2 thoughts on “Lambs and The Littlest Farmer.

  1. I don’t comment often but I do read your blog all the time. We too have little ones (grandkids) who do chores with us often. Yes it takes lots more time but they sure do sleep well at night. Keep up the great blogging, I love to read about farming in Ireland and soon will be visitng again!

    • Its lovely to hear you read it , I am like you I read them but don’t comment much because I am always in a rush . Its great for kids to be out in the fresh air . When are you coming over ? you will have to come visit the farm when you are here .

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