I Am Still Here.


It feels like so long since I have sat down with my coffee and written a post but we have had both a tiring and exciting time since my last post. My last post was this day last week , we had a tummy bug in the house for two weeks slowly hopping from one to the other but never leaving. Then last Friday the farmers were good enough to share it with me , I rolled around the bed Friday night dragged myself through lessons all day Saturday and spent most of Sunday asleep which would not be like me. During the now nearly three weeks it has been good enough to stay in our house the littlest farmer has been up three and four times a night which hasn’t help on the energy or patience front. So that’s why I have been quiet but I have just to much to tell you all I can’t stay away any longer.

The littlest farmer is not my little man any more , he has moved into his first big boy bed . No longer my little boy snuggled up in his cot , he is now snuggled up in a toddler bed and it’s so cute will get some photo’s over the weekend to show you all. We also found out during the week that he has gotten his place in playschool in January so that’s the start of him now on his education journey. The farmers would still rather he wasn’t going but I can’t wait I think for my two morning’s off , that might change as the time gets closer .

The post I wrote about women in agriculture a couple of weeks ago ‘ Why is it so slow to change ? ‘ was one of my busiest posts ever and because of it I had a really exciting phone call on Monday. I received a phone call from the producer of Ear To The Ground to ask me a little about women in agriculture and if I would let them come film and interview me for a piece they are doing in a week or two’s time. I of course said yes there and then because I knew if I thought to much about it I would chicken out , little did I know they were going to be here the next morning. No time to get my hair done , plaster my face or even look like I have had a good night’s sleep they had to take me as I was on Tuesday morning , hair washed , clean jeans and mucky wellies but I guess that’s the real me . It will only be for a few minutes because there has been a few others interviewed for this piece as well so it might be a case of blink and you will miss me . I would do it again in the morning, I wasn’t at all nervous and loved every minute of being in front of a camera .

The farm has been busy over the last few weeks but I will tell you all about it in another post . I want to show you some of the lovely skies we have had some of the days while we were on the farm either in the morning or the evening . The sky is always very dramatic this time of the year.

We haven’t forgotten about our blog competition we had for out 1st birthday , the farmers have all been sick and I want them to pick the winner so that will be announced over the weekend as well when I can get them to sit down and read all the lovely comments everyone left.


3 thoughts on “I Am Still Here.

  1. Oh, that third picture is stunning. But I love the one of the littlest farmer too, and the sheep so sharp in the distance. Hope you can post a clip of Ear to the Ground for those of us who can’t just turn on the telly and catch you in the act.

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