We Went To The Journalism Awards.

Last night I got all dolled up as they say and headed for the Guild Of Agricultural Journalism Awards in the AIB bank centre in Dublin. Of course my day turned out as a normal mad rush when anything like this is happening. My Mam goes shopping once a Month with a helper and of course what morning was her due day to go ? Yes yestarday so that left me under pressure for time in the morning , the farmer informed me then we were weighing lambs after dinner . When I asked what he thought I should do to stop my hairstyle getting messed up as I chased the lambs around a pen and field I was told ‘ Sure wear a hat it will be grand ‘ . For luck the rain of the morning had stopped and there was no wind out so with half a tin of hairspray the hair survived as did the lambs as they are not heavy enough just yet to be lamb chops.

When we had the sheep done it was back home , collect the farmers from the bus , the farmers fed the horses while I got my Mam’s tea ready and went the get my dress on. Again the farmer was ready of course we were late leaving and hit all the mad rush hour Dublin traffic . I don’t know how people do that everyday I think I would rather be stuck behind a tractor than stuck in city traffic. We watched the clock in the jeep count down the minutes till we were suppose to be at the awards and of course we were no where near, we did think about turning around and going home because neither of us wanted to be the last and to walk into a room full of strangers . The farmer kept going and when we arrived we had made it in perfect time.

I was so nervous about being at the awards because I was with all the people who’s articles I read most weeks it was a very intimidating and inspiring  place to be for a person who is only a blogger and not blogging a year yet. Myself and the farmer got to meet the other bloggers who were also shortlisted in the online category which was new to the awards this year which made it even more special that we were the first three to be shortlisted .  All I can say about the food we had was it was truly heavenly from soup in a cup to me eating fish and enjoying it , I wish I was there again tonight. To be honest Myself and the farmer didn’t really understand what a big event these awards were until we were there and it makes me very proud of my little blog to have gotten this far in it’s first year .

While we didn’t make the winning spot this year I came home delighted to have gotten so far and even more determined to take this little blog to the next level what ever that may be . I think I might just have to take a page out of Mona Wise www.wisewords.ie  book and go back to school because writing is something I really want to start doing more of and to a higher standard . Now to see if anyone wants an apprentice writer , no experience but willing to work hard and learns fast ? :).



2 thoughts on “We Went To The Journalism Awards.

    • Thank’s Mona , Have a course picked out so will try organise to do it starting in January . This is one hobby I really have fallen in love with wish I had this love for writing when I was in school I would have made my English teacher a very happy woman :).

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