My Winter Survival Guide .

It’s here again , frost and cold it feels like no length since it was last here. I can’t say I like this time of the year because most of my days are spent outside and while it is nicer cold and dry than cold and wet when your feet are numb in your wellies and you have lost the use in your fingers I long for an office job :).

Last week was one of the first mornings this year when I had frost on the toes of my wellies as we went about our jobs on the farm. I came home with the first sore feet of this winter. When I had my jobs finished on Wednesday I rooted out all my old reliable winter gear. Everyone I think has their favourite winter clothes that they g back to year after year , I know I do .


This is my winter survival kit that I couldn’t manage my outdoor jobs with out .

  • Black ski trouser’s , these have to be the best bit of work wear I have . I get two winters out of a pair . They are water proof and really warm and I always buy them two sizes bigger than I am so that I can pull them up over my jeans or jodhpur’s. I got my last pair in TK Max for 30.00 euro .
  • Ski gloves , I have tried all sorts of gloves from expensive horse ones to cheat wolly ones and these are the best they are water proof and keep your hands really warm.
  • My Musto feather lined coat , I have this coat about five years and it is still going strong it is the warmest coat I have ever had.
  • My Musto fleeces , I try to but one or two of these each year because they are great and while they are a little expensive they last a life time.
  • Thick tights , these are great under jeans or jodhpurs to give you a little extra warmth .
  • A good scarf and hat , scarves do need to be kept tucked into your coat so that they don’t get caught in anything when you are working.
  • A good lip cream because they get so dry and sore from the cold.
  • A good face cream because my face gets really dry in the winter.
  • A good pair of work boots , mine are Ariats because I can use them for riding as well and my feet are never cold in them Hunter wellies on the other hand are crap in the cold so I might need to invest in the warmer ones this winter.
  • I have yet to find good socks my feet get cold in my wellies no matter if I have ski socks or tesco’s socks on my feet.
  • A really good hand cream because this time of the year my hands get so hard and dry that where my fingers bend start to crack open and these little cracks get very sore.

There are my survival items I couldn’t get through the winter without . Do you have your favourite winter kit that you can’t manage without ? or do you know of good socks that will keep my poor toes warm ? :).


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