Where Does It Go ?.

Time, I wonder where does it seems to go and why some weeks I seem to have less than normal. I was all set this week to have a week off from the farm as the boys are home for the Halloween holidays and I would be able to concentrate some of my time on my new blog and write some post for this one . Did that happen ? no I didn’t even come close. My lovely followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook must think I have vanished off the face of the earth.

All ways going fine till I mentioned on Tuesday the paint I bought last year for the kitchen and that it would be great if I could get it painted this week now I didn’t have the same amount of jobs to do. All the farmers agreed and then decided they would help , to those who might think this is a great suggestion, it wasn’t . Our house is over 200 years old and we have some damp patches on the walls in the kitchen one of the many joys of an old house . When the farmers went to clean the paint it started to fall off the walls and they left it where it fell all over the kitchen floor . I was outside with the horses while this was going on so I missed the cloud of dust they made when they thought using an electric sander on the walls would be a great idea . When I came in I was met with a white dusty kitchen and an inch of peeled paint all over the floor.

Surely they covered everything ? NO, Surely they cleaned up ? NO , They nearly passed me out in the door heading for the yard and telling me they left a little mess. I know I am giving out a little but I am delighted they painted it and that it looks so well now but I was still cleaning my kitchen at seven this evening . See what happened me was I started to clean the outside of the press doors , then the tiles around the walls , then I had to clean the inside of the presses and then I had to sort all the shit I had gathered and get rid of what I don’t want , need or use any more. This has taken up all the week and I have gotten nothing else done all my plans for the week when the boys were off gone out the window.

From now on when it comes to school holidays I am making no more plans and will make sure I have a weeks worth of posts written in advance :). How was your week of school holidays ? Did it go to plan or was your week like mine ?




4 thoughts on “Where Does It Go ?.

  1. Oh dear. Sometimes the getting things done bit can seem not to be worth the effort. I won’t mention names but I have those close to me who think the cleaning up isn’t part of the job. Sigh.

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