Calm Before The Storm.

I have a sense that we are in the calm before the storm on the farm at the minute. Our weekly routine is very much about keeping things ticking along. There is a bit of lamb weighing , keeping feet in good condition , making sure the rams are working away and that there is fresh grass ahead of the weanlings as much as you can this time of the year.

I like when it’s peaceful like this no great stress because believe me when myself and the farmer go at sheep or cattle the sparks are fierce :). We will be having two lambing groups this year with the first starting around Christmas , these are my pedigree girls their is five of them two scanned with twins and two scanned with singles and the other went to the ram later so she wasn’t scanned . We will have a few weeks rest then again till the next group start all 54 of them :). It will be late nights and 3am checks when these girls start , most have had one or two sets of lambs before but we have 20 bought in this year who will be first time mothers.

Last year I was amazed how the first time mothers were very much like ourselves some took to it like they had lambs for years while others it was all a little bit of a shock to the system that they now had this little thing or things hanging out of them. Nature is amazing , after a few days when they had time to digest what had just happened to them they relaxed and got on with the job of being a mother.

We were lucky last year we only had two pets and three loses at lambing which was good I think for our first year back to lambing. This year I hope it runs as smoothly but I can see my posts here falling apart a little due to lack of sleep :).

Our 20 bull weanlings are still out on grass getting meal twice a day , because grass growth and quality has fallen way back this time of the year they only have about three weeks left out that’s so long as the weather plays ball. They are all getting hairy in the last week with the drop in temperature and some have great curls starting to appear :). We are hoping to house them all in the one shed for most of the winter and we will split them into two groups of ten, one group of smaller ones will go out for grass in the spring while the bigger ones will be kept in and fed ad lib meal for 100 days till they are ready to go for burgers . The last group went a few weeks ago and even though they were our third group to go I still felt sorry for them the evening before they went .  It must be my mother side because the farmers said all they hoped was they weighed well and we got a good price which thank god they did and we got .

I am going to make the most of this peaceful time before all hell breaks loose and we have lots of cute lambs running around.

Here is one of our lovely little lambs from last year, this little guy loved getting his photo taken :).


Last night I started a second blog at and a second twitter @trotandcanter . The reason for starting a second blog is I wanted somewhere I could cover all things horsey , if I was to put it all here there would be no space for anything else and I want to keep here for me and the farm. I am hoping to post training exercises , problem solving , health and stable information , fun bits from the riding centre and some of my many horse related photo’s . I am hoping people will let me know what they would like me to cover and that they will email me if they have questions and I will try to answer them and if I don’t know the answer I will find someone who does . It will be a blog for horse lovers , beginners to advanced and everyone in between . I have learned loads in my twenty years with horse and I have a lot more to learn but would like to pass on what I have learned so far 🙂 .


3 thoughts on “Calm Before The Storm.

  1. I’m reading this with great interest – I find myself farming (if reluctantly!) since we moved from Dublin to Wexford over the Summer. We have some sheep. Some of what you say actually makes sense to me already.I did grow up on a farm but I’m getting back into it,slowly but surely! Beautiful photo of the lamb. What kind of pedigree sheep have you got? We have some Lleyn

    • It is strange how we just seem to fall into the farming , I read your post on the ram the other day made me laugh we normally have words when we go to do the sheep but it’s all forgotten again it’s time to go home :).
      We have 60 half bred ewes and just 6 pedigree Suffolk ewes they are my babies 🙂 Where in wexford are you based we are on the wicklow wexford border ?

  2. Love this post! I can’t WAIT to see photos of lambs. Do you think you would be able to take pics of them lambing 😀 I would LOVE if you covered worming in your new blog. I keep being told different things and I’m sick of it!

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