I Am Here 35 Years Today.

35 Years today that’s how long I have been making my way through my life so far . It seems such a long time to be anywhere but today as I think back it has  flown by all to quick.

I started my 35 years on a farm in Wicklow , it was a typical farming childhood . When it came to all things animal related I was the first one there in the middle of whatever might have been taking place from ewes lambing , sheep dipping , cows calving and all the other day to day goings on on a farm. I went to a local primary school till I was twelve and I hated the first six years of school , the other kids taught it was fun to pick on me all the time. I was taller than most in my class and this was my weak spot , kids love a weak spot. It all seemed to settle off by fifth class and my last two years of primary were Ok .

I started secondary school when I was 13 years and I loved it , no one picked on me , I just fitted in. Going to school for my teenage years wasn’t a chore , I loved Mondays when you would be back after the weekend . All the gossip about our Saturday night out would be talked about over and over till at least Wednesday and then the last two days it was talk of the weekend that was coming up. I finished Secondary school in June 1995 and I was a Mother by July 1995.

My love of horses has been with me for as long as I can remember . My earliest memory of all things horse related is getting a ride on horse when I was about three it was grey and white with four black wheels and red handles that came out of the side of its head . I loved this horse and to me it was  real  :). My next memories are of going Hunting as a child and the only reason I went was to see the horses . I couldn’t careless if I ever saw a fox just so long as we were near enough to the horses that I might get to pet one. When I was 14 years I went to work in the Hunt kennels painting gates and some of my small payment was to get to brush one of the horses or lead one out to get some grass. This was the time of the day I loved the most and made all the green gates I had to paint just about bearable . At this stage I had probably been nagging my parents since I was three to let me go horse riding but they hated horses so there was no horse riding for me.

While I was working that summer I met a woman from Germany who was starting a riding school in the area if I was aloud she agreed she would teach me . When my parents finally said yes I taught I had died and gone to heaven. Off I went the next weekend , I was dropped off and my dad was told to collect me on Sunday evening. My teacher taught me how to ride in one weekend , first she made me walk , trot and canter on the lunge then it was two hours bare back through the woods. When I came back in that evening my ass was red raw and bleeding , I couldn’t sit for two days but I was totally hooked . This was what I had known all my life horses were for me and still are :).

After all my school was finished I went straight into being a full time mum who by 19 had two lovely boys . People taught I was mad and when my parents found out the first time I was pregnant they wanted me to put R up for adoption but this never entered my head once I was very annoyed they suggested it . Now having kids that young is not something I would recommend to anyone , its lonely , tiring , stressful and full of huge sacrifices but I had huge support from the farmers family and they helped me through it all. Then just when the boys were at an age where I was getting my life and freedom back along came the littlest farmer . When I found out I was expecting to say I was not happy is an understatement , it took me months to get my head around losing my freedom again . When he arrived all the worries went out the window and I wouldn’t change having him for the world .

During my 35 years I have had a few different jobs , I have been a Montessori teacher , civil Servant , worked for the Irish Wheelchair Association with Adults and Children , Equestrian Instructor and now a Farmer. I have been lucky so far I have had jobs I have loved and still love to do .  The only one I didn’t really like was the civil servant and it was because there was so little work in the end . There is a job I would like to add to my list and that’s a paid writer either in a newspaper , magazine our an author . I can feel that need starting to build in me but I am a long way off being a paid writer at this moment I will need to keep working on the writing part first :).

Over the years my interest haven’t change a lot , I love anything to do with art . Up until I had the littlest farmer I used to do an art class once a week and studied art in Secondary school. I started taking photos when I was about 13 years , on a Sunday we used to go for a drive up around the Wicklow mountains and I would spend the time asking Dad to pull in so I could get my photo’s . When R and L were young I gave up my art and photography but three years ago I saved for ages and treated myself to a Canon DLSR  it was the best thing I did because I had spent so much on it I couldn’t not use it . A new interest I have developed is writing , I have to blame blogging because I am addicted that’s the only way I can describe it . I loved English in school but never put much taught into writing until November last year when I started blogging . I think it is one of the best hobbies I have ever started it beats art and photography hands down.

Out of all my years I think the last three have been the toughest  , happiest and the most stressful all at the same time . First my Mam became sick and had to come live with us full time this was and still isn’t the easiest  , I moved out at 17 for a reason and it wasn’t because I was a Mother but that’s for another post sometime. Then the littlest farmer arrived, after that we took over the farm and had to stock it from scratch with both animals and machinery . Over the last few years it has been a huge stretch on us both with money and time . Some days the pressure just gets to much I feel like I am being torn between my business , family , farm , parents care and time to spend with the littlest farmer while he is small. I hope over time things will settle into a routine that will be a little easier to cope with.

So that’s me so far , I wonder will the next 35 be as busy as the last ? I hope so and in a good way :). I am going to take the weekend off from blogging or I am saying that now anyway and I will see you all on Monday for the first Mummy Mugshot I am already nervous about it :).

Have a good weekend .



8 thoughts on “I Am Here 35 Years Today.

  1. I tweeted you birthday wishes earlier but wanted to comment on the post too, now that I’ve read it. Your life has been so interesting Elaine, I really enjoyed reading about it, you’ve had tough times but have come through. I love the little bits about people’s everyday lives on their blogs. Thanks for sharing with nosey me!

  2. Elaine! You are so interesting! This is such an honest post and, honestly, fascinating. I really enjoyed it and am so looking forward to your Mummy Mugshot…………..Having had a sneak preview though I know you have nothing to be nervous about.

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