Blog Awards Ireland 2012.

Myself and the farmer got all tidied up and headed for Naas Co Kildare yesterday evening for the Blog Awards Ireland. I had been looking forward to this for ages , since I found out my little blog had been nominated. Then when we were shortlisted tickets were booked and even though my blog didn’t make the finalists this year I wouldn’t have missed the night for anything.

Lessons were finished early so I could get ready to go , any excuse for a little pampering :). Two of my helpers agreed to help me get ready , one fixed my hair while the other fixed my face . At times like this I kind of wish I was a man , all the farmer had to do was have a wash and get dressed .

It took us about an hour to get to the Osprey Hotel in Naas , I had never been before , it is a beautiful hotel .  My nerves started to kick in as we pulled up outside and I don’t know why I wasn’t getting an award . But now when I think about it I was nervous to meet all the bloggers who’s blogs I love to read , I was nervous the farmer would hate the night because he doesn’t understand the whole blog / twitter/ facebook/ instagram thing , I was nervous because this was the first official blog event I have ever been to. I had arranged to meet Belle, who I had met at the horse show this year to go into the awards with , that helped the nerves a lot .

We were shown to the ballroom where all the tables were set out . The room looked lovely , it’s a little hard to see the room in my pictures . When we were seated we spotted name tags on the table but these were tags with a difference each of us had to design our own tags and there was a spot prize for the best.  Mine has been put up for safe keeping I am hoping to organise something soon with some fellow bloggers where I will need this name badge again . The hash tag for the night was #blogfestirl this was great because we could see what everyone else was saying.  The awards were done in such a way that the first ten were announced then we had our starter , then the next ten and our main course then the last ten and our dessert.The awards themselves were sponsored by Belleek  , they were a lovely cream/white vase .  All the winners can be found here , a huge congratulations to all the winners you are the reason I keep blogging :).

During the evening there was spot prizes , set dancing , angry birds , requests for more craft items and phone chargers. An awards ceremony must be a huge event to organise but it was a great night and a huge thanks to Lorna , Amanda and Beatrice for organising such a good night for us all. The food was lovely and we each had a lovely goodie bag sitting on our seats when we arrived to take home with us at the end of the night.

The farmer at the start found it all a little strange , that everyone was on their phones and that everything that was tweeted appeared up on a big screen. But I have to say that after a while he started to get into it and was cheering and clapping with the rest of us . He has even said that he will come with me again next year to the awards because he had a really good night which says a lot about the night , that a none tweeter , none blogger really enjoyed himself :). The awards are on the 25th October next year and I am already looking forward to it :).


17 thoughts on “Blog Awards Ireland 2012.

  1. Loved the twitter feed although once I learned that it appeared on the big screen I shyed away. Your pictures are lovely , you looked great, sounds like a great night out !

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