We Have Gone Potty.

The littlest farmer has done it he has started to use his singing duck potty :). This is a big event in our house today because I must be trying for the last two months now to even get him to sit on his potty let alone use it. So today at last I can say our potty training has begun .

I asked months ago when we were just starting out for tips on potty training because it was such a long time since I last did it, I had forgotten what to do. Maybe I was also hoping that over the 13 years of a gap someone had found the ultimate way to potty train a toddler . No such luck all the advice that came back was just as I had guessed , it’s a matter of patience , a full supply of clean clothes , surface cleaning products and not needing to leave the house for a while.

Up until last night the littlest farmer was even reluctant to sit on his potty and if he did it would be for a split second and then he had enough . We were even sent a lovely bear in the big blue house dvd all about going to the potty but he still didn’t want to use his own one. I got the elmo’s potty time app for my phone and he loves playing it but when we asked if he wanted to go he just said ‘no elmo potty ‘ we couldn’t win. I kept comparing him to the boys who were both trained by the time they were two and a half which was not fair . So we left him alone for a few weeks and now we are getting somewhere.

I asked some friends about my potty choice for the littlest farmer when we started , now when R and L were at this stage there was no potty choice it was plain old plastic one or one that as they got older could turn into a step . I was told the newest ones made music when the child used them as a reward for going so this is the one we got after today I might just regret this choice . We got him a  little duck potty to make music each time he uses the potty and until this lunchtime it had been silent. But it won’t be silent any more because he has worked out exactly what to do at last and since lunch he has used it six times . I wonder when will our first accident be or when will he change his mind again about not using it ? I have the washing machine going ready with a full supply of clean clothes and all manor of cleaning equipment ready for any mishaps we will no doubt have 🙂

My littlest farmer is starting to turn into a little man .


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