The Newfarmerette on Facebook.

I was hoping to do this post yesterday but one thing led to another and I have  had two days that are best forgotten.

Last week I started to think about  a Facebook page for my blog , I asked on twitter what did people  think of using Facebook for your blog. Everyone who tweeted me said yes to the idea of a Facebook page , one even said to start there and then :). On Sunday we had a quiet day so it gave me the perfect chance to get it started.

I have a Facebook page for the riding centre and a personal one , I had started to notice I only use my personal one for the blog and nothing much else. Computer’s and I don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to anything more than the basic’s so Sunday I was ready to have more than a few words with it. Not for the life of me could I remember how I started my riding centre one and over an hour of hitting everything button on the screen I still hadn’t gotten anywhere.

The  only thing I could do was go have a coffee before I killed the laptop by throwing it out the window :). When I came back to it, there it was staring me in the face any closer and it could have slapped me , ‘create page ‘ . It took me another hour or more to set up the page and I am not finished with it yet . I am hoping my blogs Facebook page will give everyone a place to come and see more of what we get up to everyday because I just couldn’t fit it all here . There will be lots of photo’s , I take a lot and most don’t make it to the blog . I am hoping people will come to our Facebook page and chat about what they are up to as well as seeing what we are doing.

I have put a Facebook button on the right hand side of the blog just click on it and it will bring you to our page , fingers crossed 🙂 . Have a look at the other blog’s I have liked you might like them to and if you have a Facebook page please let me know so I can like it as well :). Looking forward to hearing what you think of the page .


One thought on “The Newfarmerette on Facebook.

  1. Lovely page, I really like your updates to it as well as using it to post your blog. I will be taking some hints from that.

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