New Wellies Needed.

I am in need of some new wellies , I can’t complain the ones I wear are about ten years old. They don’t owe me anything and have served me well. Now to find a new pair that I like as much. My hunter wellies had a few years of a rest because for a while my legs were to fat to fit into them but when I could get back into them they have been worn everyday at some stage . They are comfy to wear but a little slippery on muck. While I couldn’t fit into my hunter’s I tried wellies from Tesco , Pennies and Dunnes and to be honest while they did all look very pretty they were not really practical as farm wellies . They were more suited to maybe festival or maybe gardening wear .  

I have my eye on a pair of peach coloured hunter’s for a while , they were at the horse show but were 90.00 which is a lot of money to hand out in one go. The other Hunter’s I had my eye on were black but were insulated against the cold which is a big problem in the winter when wellies have to be worn these were 120.00 . I would love a bright pair so when I am surrounded by men I still have something a little girlie but they really need to be practical, hard wearing and girlie looking which is hard to find in a wellie unless you spend a lot of money. 

These are my wellie choices :


Hunter wellies of any colour , the insulated ones are black.

Joules wellies I don’t know how hard wearing these would be but they have lots of really pretty ones the ones with the bows might be a bit much for the farmers :).


Aigle wellies , these are very plain and maybe not girlie but if they are like there work boots then they should be hard wearing.

So what do you think, which should I go for ? or do you have a pair of wellies that are really good if you do let me know ? because my own are on their last days.


4 thoughts on “New Wellies Needed.

  1. I love joules wellies too but find it hard to find stockists in Ireland. It will cost 9stg to deliver from uk on basic boots of almost 40stg already. Where we’re you gonna buy them from?

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