I Converted One .

I managed to convert one of the farmers and start them blogging :). When I started my blog all of them taught I was mad and had very little time for my constant talk of blogging at the time. I do think that blogging would be a little hard for a farmer because of the long hours they do . The farmer is still of the opinion that it takes up to much time and that I am constantly on my phone :).
I of course do not see it that way and am totally in love with all things blogging . During my August break I got talking to the middle little farmer about blogging and what he would like to do when he finishes school. Something in the music industry or media is what he would like. Since he was very small he has had a huge interest in music and in the last few years an interest in food. He decided he would like to start a music blog and maybe put some of his food in it as well. So after an evening on the computer his new blog was born and is getting good views so far.
I am delighted there is someone else in the house blogging at least I have someone now to talk about blogging with , the other two farmers I don’t think their thoughts will change on the subject but at least I converted one farmer to the world of blogging :). This is his blog http://www.tobinbeats.wordpress.com have a look and say hi would make his day .


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