We all have our dreams , things we would like to do or happen to us and then we have our dreams we have at night. I don’t often remember my dreams , I am sure I do dream at night but nothing that a normally remember. But over the last couple of weeks that has changed and I am able to remember some of my dreams. I have heard you should keep a dream journal but I never saw the need because I was never able to remember any of them :). 

My first strange dream was two weeks ago , I was on a stud farm talking to the owner .  I was asking him all about the stud , when he started it , where he hoped to take it and about his best stallions .  When I looked away from the owner there was a small film crew there and an Ear to the ground jeep :). I had gotten a job working for Ear to the ground covering mostly Equine related topics . For anyone who doesn’t know Ear to the ground is a programme that runs from Autumn to spring and cover agriculture / food and other countryside topics . Couldn’t wait to tell the farmer the next morning , he laughed and said you do know what you dream of never happens . 

My next strange dream was over the weekend I was walking into UCD  with the eldest little farmer , he was heading to one building for his Ag science and I went to another for English .  I sat down in my chair the lecturer arrived and I was busy taking notes , I couldn’t hear what he was saying but I was busy writing .  I blame watching Friends for this because that evening Ross was giving a lecture 🙂 I told the farmer about this one as well his response was ‘ sure you wouldn’t have the time for school ‘  and he asked was it something I was eating before I went to bed. 

Then last night another strange one , I was sitting at the kitchen table with a new laptop , my canon camera and a note book and five pairs of wellies on the floor all dirty and used. They were wellies from Aigle , Dubarry , Pennies , Tesco , Dunlop and Chanel . I had worn them all on the farm doing different jobs and now was writing a review for the Irish Country Living section of the Irish Farmer’s Journal. I had gotten a job writing a small weekly column for them a little like my blog .  I didn’t tell the farmer about this one or he would be sending me to get tablet’s for my head :). 

It is strange to go from not remembering many dreams to having a couple of weeks of dreams that I do remember .  They were all about things I would of course kill to do but like the farmer said what you dream about never happens . Do you dream and remember them ? What do you dream about ? Has what you dreamed about ever happened ? Would love to hear about them 🙂



2 thoughts on “Dreams.

  1. I don’t think it is odd to start remembering your dreams. I think it is just the universes way of sending a message. Maybe helping to steer you in a certain direction. I say keep track and see where the doors open or the path leads. The only dreams I seem to remember are the bad ones or disturbing, but I haven’t had one of those in a very long time. I do remember one where I was carrying my pregnant sister on my back trying to get her to the hospital. This was 15 years ago. I leapt over fences and dodged traffic. Once I got her there she sat in a wheelchair and left me standing there. I figure it was because I felt I had to take care of little sister and I got no thanks. Whats funny is she is now actually expecting, anyday now!

  2. I have the weirdest dreams, I truly hope they aren’t a message or I’m screwed. I also have a lot of tension dreams but they’re horrible, I seem to remember them for longer than the mad ones. Says a lot really. If you get a review gig, wouldn’t that be great.


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