They say never work with animals or kids.

As a Farmerette and mother I have to joy of working with both on a daily basis. Some weeks the work with the animals is quieter than others but this week was not a quiet one on the animal or child front
Monday was sheep day as is tomorrow I have been informed. On Monday myself and the farmer brought in all the ewes ,paired their feet and ran them through a foot bath. Sheep can sometimes suffer a lot with sore feet so a foot bath helps to harden them up. Next it was the lambs turn to come in I taught these would be a little unruly and run around the field on us as their mammies are not with them , but they were really good . All the lambs each had their feet check , got a heptavac injection and went through the foot bath.
Yesterday then was calf moving day , the farmer was busy spreading dung so it was left to me and the middle little farmer to move twenty bull calves to new grass. We had the pleasure before while moving them of having to chase them around the field , I was not in the mood to do that yesterday so I put up a fence all along their path to guide them to their new grass. No running to be done this time :).
We also got a new livery horse this week she is a lovely bay mare who has had a three year holiday from work. Yesterday was her first day back in work , we started with lunging and she tested my patience to the limit but in the end she decided to work and today she was much better. Horses love to test the limits of what you will let them away with , I guess a little like kids.
Now the child part of my week , we have started to try and toilet train the littlest farmer but he has zero interest. It is 12 years since I last had to do this and it’s like starting all over again. A friend sent me a DVD all about potty training with bear in the big blue house, but it still hasn’t sunk in. He is happy enough to stay in both wet or poopy nappies. I think the littlest farmer at times is more work than all the animals put together he is just to clever :).

20120906-011417 PM.jpg

20120906-011522 PM.jpg


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