Take An August Break.

I love reading lots of different types of blogs but one I really like is www.susannahconway.com . This is a blog with beautiful photo’s and beautiful writing. I had been waiting for weeks for Susannah’s new book to arrive and I know when I get a chance to look through it I will find some wonderfully inspiring words and photo’s.

When I read Susannah’s post on Thursday it really caught my eye . She was talking about The August Break , for the last two years Susannah has hosted this. The August Break is about taking a break from your usual blogging whether it’s long or short posts you write . Instead for the month of August you take a photo each day and post it instead, you can write a little piece with the photo if you wish. Over on her blog she has a blogroll you can join if you want to take The August Break.

I decided I would take the break because I love taking photo’s and just don’t get the chance as much any more so for me this is the perfect excuse. A post writing holiday but still blogging :). So yesterday I rooted out my canon and lenses so I will use it and my phone for the month . I hope lots of you guys will try this little holiday because it’s good to get creative and see the world a little differently than normal which is what a camera will do to you . Everything turns into a potential photo from the most beautiful skies to the wettest days. You never know you might discover a hidden talent you didn’t know you had or improve a talent you already have. 

Here’s to a month in photo’s :).


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