The book I Want To Write.

They say there is a book in everyone but what do you do when you didn’t pay much attention when you were in English in school . I should have listened more to what my teacher was trying to tell me or I should have more time now to maybe go back to school to study English . ย 

See about two years ago now or longer myself and a friend decided one night to see if we could each come up with a book idea We did it for the laugh more than anything . I said to her there is no way I will be able to think of anything to write a whole book on at times I have trouble reading a whole book without trying to write one :). As the weeks went by we came up with characters , their names , where they would live and what would happen to them along the way and that was it that’s as far as either of us got .

Then at the start of June I was going through the App store one evening and I came across an App called Opus , this is where you write stories , poems or anything you want to really and publish them and like a blog or instagram you get followers and people leave you comments. So I decided I would root out my little notebook and this is what I came up with ………

‘ My head was still buzzing when I arrived home that night. I couldn’t believe what I had just done , was I slowly losing the run of myself at my age ? maybe so but I didn’t care. His smell , his taste , the way he looked and the way he spoke was all I wanted . It was intense , spontaneous and I wanted more a lot more.

In my moment of excitement I didn’t register the car drive in , it was one of those sounds that you hear but don’t really hear . It was his voice shouting my name that brought me back to reality and brought me out in a cold fearful sweat.

What was he doing here at this time of night ? and why tonight ? . One hundred questions ran through my mind , someone told him they saw me , he saw me or maybe I was just over reacting maybe he was just drunk and came over to ruin my night .

I quickly got out of my clothes and but on my boring pyjamas and went outside looking back I should have stayed inside . The shouting started , then he grabbed me glass fell down around my feet it was like slow motion . The sharp sound of glass hitting the ground , his voice ย , my breathing my whole world seemed to slow down ………………..’

That’s it ย ,that’s as far as I have gotten and to be honest have no idea how to get it any further and I would like to . I won’t make any best seller lists but for me I would like to write it . So if anyone knows what I should do next then let me know :).


8 thoughts on “The book I Want To Write.

  1. Okay from one aspiring writer to another I am going to give you some advise. First you do not need to study English to write. In fact people who study English I think make really bad writers since you have nothing to write about. Examples: Michael Crichton has a degree in medicine, John Grisham the novelist and David Kelly the TV producer are both former practicing Lawyers. writing is something anyone can do, just remember to write about things you know or things that you can see in your imagination. As to the story above I am going to give you the only advise I can. Sit down and write what come next. only you know what that is. and if it doesn’t work, delete it and write something else. The only way to be a good writer is to write. You have a story inside you let it out.

  2. I think you are off to a great start. I agree too, that you don’t need to study English to write. I was reading about the lady who wrote 50 Shades, and she talks about write what is in your head. Be it a scene or a description of a place or character and build on that. Sounds like you are doing just that. I have also toyed with the idea of writing, but a seem to be my own worst critic. Keep writing!! Who knows…we could all be running out to by your book next!

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