Blog Review , Irishfarmerette.

This is one blog that I really love to read and also the first one I found when my adventure in blogging started. I have Lorna to thank for giving me the push I needed to get my finger out and get blogging. We both attended the women and agriculture conference last October. While I was there I over heard some women beside me talking about twitter so there and then out my phone came , I set up my twitter account and started and Lorna was the first one I followed and the first one to follow me . I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting Lorna in person as we didn’t meet that day of the conference . 

Lorna’s blog is about everyday life on Lorna’s farm and about family life in general. I find it so nice to be able to read about another farming family and about what they get up to day to day. Farming can be a lonely job but blogs like Lorna’s show you you are not alone. Lorna also ghost blogs , runs her own online interior business and is helping to organising this years Blog Awards Ireland and lots more. I hope you will enjoy Lorna’s blog as much as I do .

1. When did you start your Irishfarmerette blog ?

I started my Irishfarmerette blog last September planning for it to be my personal blog.

2. What was your reason for starting your blog ?

I was planning for it to be my personal blog . I called it Irishfarmerette as my twitter account in that name had been set up for some time and I ended up writing more about the farm than I taught I would. I have been busy lately with my business blogs , the children off school and organising the blog awards so haven’t been posting as often as I would like.

3. What do you enjoy most about blogging ?

I love writing and it wouldn’t bother me  if no one read it tho it is a bonus to look at the stats and respond to any comments . They say there is a book in everyone, well ,I’m not sure about a book but there is a blog in everyone.

4. Where do you blog and at what time of the day ?

I spend a lot of time at the laptop , between the online shop , blogging for Garrendenny lane and writeontrack  , ghost blogging for clients , teaching clients how to use social media and preparing for courses so that when it comes to blogging for Irish farmerette it’s often with the computer on my knee in the evening while sitting curled up on my chesterfield sofa.

5. What is your most interesting or funny comment so far on your blog ?

Goodness , I can’t think of a funny comment but I love getting comments from people who say they have been reading my blog for ages but it’s the first time they commented and it was just something about the post that spurred them to comment.

6. One tip for someone just starting out blogging ?

Keep a note book or a space in your diary to jot down idea’s for blog posts then you will never be stuck for inspiration .

7. What has been your most enjoyable post to write so far ?

I love writing about my family and the various goings on in our lives.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do it’s thanks to Lorna I started mine and for putting up with my endless questions I had at the start :).


2 thoughts on “Blog Review , Irishfarmerette.

  1. Elaine, I too love reading Lorna’s blog… while we only have a tine smallholding compared to you two, in a small way tis all the same….land, animals, feed… a constant struggle… but such fun in a weird way!

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