My Sunday on a Monday.

I love my Sunday’s , no work or not normally , rowing , papers and a chance to sit and relax. This week I missed on my Sunday because I had summer camp for some of the women who ride in the school and my helper’s .  Camp started at half nine Sunday morning and we finished up about half five . Everyone had a great day and we have the second day this Sunday coming.

When I got up yesterday morning I decided I was taking the day off and having my Sunday on Monday . I came down the stairs , informed the farmer of my decision to which he answered’ that’s ok’ . We went over to see the sheep and feed the calves and bulls and as we were walking through the fields I was organising how I would spend my Sunday. This is where I went wrong , it was like when you say you are going to bed early tonight and then you get held up and end up going to bed late . I was going to go head to town and get the paper , make some handy dinner for the farmers and then bring the littlest farmer to the beach and read some of my Fifty Shades of Grey when I came back. Well no such luck , when we got back from the farm I left the farmers alone in the kitchen only to find out when I came back that my Sunday had been cancelled . 

In my absence which was all of five minutes they had decided the farm paper work needed to be done for the accountant for today , the fence needed to be moved with the bulls , the field with the sheep needed to be topped and the second group of calves which were let out to grass a few weeks ago needed a dose . There you go Sunday gone , most of the list I wasn’t needed for but for the calves and paper work I was. I spent my morning checking through the books, then made our dinner after that we headed over to the farm to get all the jobs done . Again we were all finished including the feeding and dosing and the few other bits it was just half six. Now after taking my Sunday on me the farmers taught at that time of the evening I was going to make them supper while they all get a sit down and wait for it to be handed to them. I refused to cook , ordered Chinese and made them clean up so I guess my Sunday finished off not to bad :).

On the 16th July the nominations close for Blog Awards Ireland if you think this blog or any other Irish blog deserves a nomination just click on the nominate button on the right side of my blog. You don’t have the be from Ireland to nominate a blog but the blog you nominate needs to be an Irish one. Thanks to everyone who has already nominated this blog it is so nice to know that you guys think it deserves a nomination :).



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