Guilty Pleasure.

I admit it I have a guilty pleasure and it’s trashy books I LOVE them :). What’s not to like they are easy to read , not hard on the brain cells , you can leave them for a week and just pick up where you left off  and they normally have a good helping of sex :). 

My newest guilty pleasure is ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ now I am only on pg 100 but I am enjoying it so far , I would say I could have this book read in three nights no problem which is good for me because it normally takes me a month to read a book. There has been a lot of discussion around this and lots of people saying they won’t bother reading it because it is so poorly written or because of the sex or both . Well you know what nearly everyone in the world has sex and sometimes your brain just needs a rest from hard books . 

I love the way people are reading the reviews of this book and then saying they won’t read it but they were curious enough about the book in the first place to read the reviews . I wonder do people feel their image will be slightly tarnished if they are seen to be reading a book full of sex ? or that their intelligence will be questioned if they find a poorly written trashy book good  ? Well I love them they are good for the soul and the laugh I had on Twitter on Tuesday night about this book was great. 

What started me on trashy books was Jilly Cooper as a teenager I just loved them horses and lots of sex all in the one place it just didn’t get any better . Then when the Twilight books came out I was addicted to them so much so I read the first three of them in a week staying up till three and four in the morning. My teenage helpers in the riding school at the time were all talking about these great books and how I really have to read them. Now I taught I am not going to like books written for teenage girls but I gave into their nagging me to try them. They are brilliant much better than the films and they are books I would read again .

So when I am finished my newest guilty pleasure I will do a review here no holds barred of this book and then you can make up your own minds . I will also see can I get maybe some more people who are reading it now to do a review as well so you will get a wider view of the book ( you know who you are )

Everyone needs one guilty pleasure :). 



3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure.

  1. Hi Elaine.. god I enjoy what you write about so much.. hilarious.. sounds like I need to get this book .. poor hubby won’t know what hit him ! And your piece on the weight yo you week before last .. thats just me all over.. am trying to tackle it but takes alot of persistance !

    • Hi Catherine , Thanks for the lovely comment I am delighted you enjoy my blog I enjoy writing it 🙂 You should get it if you don’t mind a book that’s not hard on the brain and full of sex , everyone tells me The Farmer here won’t know what hit him either :). I think if the truth be known most women are like us only not very many will admit it , everyone struggles with their weight but when you actually say it you find that their are lots just like us. Although I think doing my Nigella challenge might have but my weight loss on hold for a while :).

  2. I can’t wait to hear your review. I have not read the books, but certainly enjoy hearing all about them. I may read them at some point. I am currently reading I’m With the Band. Full of tantalizing stuff too I tell I am usually a little slow getting into the latest thing. I just may read this trilogy yet.

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