Summer Camp.

As I type I am up to my eyes in photocopying and horse books because on Sunday I have my first day of our Adult summer camp. This will be the third summer to do this camp . I love getting the chance to run a camp like this because it is a chance to improve peoples knowledge that have their own horse, it shows people who only go for lessons how much is needed for a horse and for those thinking of getting their own horse it gives them most of the information they need to get started.

We do our camp over two Sundays and I make everyone lunch and anyone who has their own horse can bring that with them. I love lunch time on the camp days because everyone sits around and talks about their horse related experiences . I am very lucky I have a lovely bunch of women who ride here and make new people who come fell very welcome.

I was trying to decide the running of the two Sundays and what we would cover with everybody because I have from beginners to advanced doing the camp. So we are going to do health, tack, grassland management , boots and bandages , clothing , food , parts  , lunging , jumping , dressage , pole work , Le Trec and games. I hope the weather picks up for us because I am hoping to have a BBQ  next Sunday for everyone. 

What I love about this part of my job is that after the two Sundays we will have covered so much and tried some new things that everyone will go away knowing at least one thing more than when they started . Fingers crossed now the weather is nice .

Have a good Tuesday everyone , may get back to my photocopying :).


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