Drunk People.

We had fun last night with some people walking home from a night out . First I was woken at three this morning by someone revving their car outside our house this does happen most weekends and another thing they like to do is to come out and do burnouts beside the house. Do they not realise someone lives in the house and that they might be asleep at three in the morning. After I was woken do you think I could go back to sleep, not a hope . I have been feeling a little dodgy the last few days and got up this morning with a pain across my lower back so think it might just be a kidney infection.

After spending two hours twisting and turning the dogs started to bark at first I taught it was because they wanted to go out because they knew I was awake. But no outside there was voices and ponies running mad at the front of the house. Up I jumped and looked out the upstairs window to witness the ponies galloping and rearing up in the field and one teenage boy clear the fence as the ponies went flying by. As I looked out I spotted one further over in the field and two more and one girl out on the road. They were obviously drunk and under age . I would say the two in the field were 15 or 16 years old at the most the other three were older . What were they thinking getting into a field full of horses ? and where were they going at that age at five this morning? For a finish I let out the German Sheppard and there was a quick scatter on all five of them. 

The school ponies are clever enough not to let anyone catch them or sit on them but I couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t kick someone in the field . It’s not the first time either this has happened we have had it loads of times before and shortly after we moved in I was woken by singing and looked out to see two men giving my mare beer out of a bottle :). That is one of the disadvantages to living within walking distance of a town and living so close to the road out of the town.

So because of the lack of sleep and feeling dodgy I didn’t go rowing this morning but brought the littlest farmer to the beach to see if I can get him used to the water. At the minute he hates it but did get his feet a little wet today . It’s starting to look like rain here now so our lesson tonight might be off  this I think is one of those summers where the weather will have a big effect on my lessons. So till dinner time I am going to have a coffee and try to stay awake while I read some of my book.

Have a good Sunday :).


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