I Hate Sales People.

Ok maybe ‘I hate Sales People’ is a little harsh , I don’t hate all sales people just the ones who call to your door to sell you insurance. Picture this, yesterday morning I came in from helping the farmer feed the calves and bulls and count the sheep as its been very wet and I just can’t seem to walk in a wet mucky field without getting muck on my jeans I was a little muck splattered. I hadn’t at this stage brushed my hair just put it up in a very messy bun. I had still to sweep up in the stables after the morning feed and had to be cleaned and ready to leave for Dublin in about two hours. So you can imagine my annoyance when this shiny black jeep drove into the yard and to people dressed in suits and shiny shoes got out of it.

The first words that came out of my mouth was ‘who in gods name is this ‘ to which the farmer informed me they were in the other day and he had told them to call back to see me they were selling some sort of insurance he told me. So out I went because they were not getting inside the house , I was greeted by one man who had a gold chain around his neck a gold bracelet and watch , a shirt with some of the buttons opened and trousers. This was to be the talker while the other just stood their looking at me like I was some crazy women who never brushed her hair and liked to roll in muck.

The talker started off on his well rehearsed speech about his product and how it would just suit me to the ground and how he would love me to have it and how it would be great for the family if I had this health cover. What would be great for my family would be a holiday :). I butted in and asked him about broken bone cover because I had tried two other companies before and at the start they told all bones were covered and hospital stays but when I had some broken bones and a stay in hospital that type of break and stay were not covered. To this I was told that they covered all breaks and stays in hospital. The fun started when it was horses I would be working with most because it is considered a high risk animal and sport they really were not sure if they could cover me for everything .  Over an hour had gone now at this stage and the talker just wouldn’t shut up I had also told him twice I wasn’t really interested. 

So for a finish I told them that I had no interest and that they were not to call in anymore and I had to walk inside and shut the door for them to get the picture and they finally left. Because I was held up for 90 minutes with them I had to go to Dublin in my dirty work clothes to collect my Dad from his hospital appointment . I haven’t been as mad in a long time , what is wrong with people like that ? What don’t they get about not interested ? Did they not realise after having three kids I don’t give in to nagging very often . The farmer was told that the next time any sleek and shiny’s come to the yard to tell them to feck off and not to come back :).

On something different the nominations for the Blog Awards Ireland is now open , it closes on the 16th july . If you think this blog deserves a nomination you can nominate it by clicking on the nominate button on the right hand side of the blog .  I am also going to put my email address at the end of each post for anyone who would like to nominate me as you need it to nominate a blog . God I feel like a politician looking for votes :).You don’t have to be from Ireland to nominate a blog but the blog does need to be an Irish one. Thanks to anyone who does nominate me :).



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