Nigella Challenge, Easy Almond Cake.

This is the next cake in my Nigella challenge , it is one I had never tried before . I hadn’t tried it before because you need a ring mould and you use a full packet of marzipan which needs to be chopped. I don’t have a ring mould and when I went to look for one at the start of the week they were 15.00 euro so I made my cake square . I was also using the excuse that my mixer doesn’t have a blade even though it probably does if I just looked for it to chop up the marzipan. I used my hand help blade blender I got for the littlest farmers dinners when he was very small. So really now when I look back I had no real excuse not to try this one :).

I was a little worried that it would have a very strong almond taste but it was really nice and got a full thumbs up from all the farmers. Since I made this on Tuesday I have been given a ring mould to bake it in today so will try it again in the mould. This cake lasted one evening and as you will see in the picture I barely got a chance to take a photo of the finished cake. Hope you enjoy :).

250g softened unsalted butter , 250g softened marzipan , 150g caster sugar , 1/4 teaspoon almond essence , 1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence , 6 large eggs ,  150g self raising flour , 25cm springform tube pan or ring mould buttered and floured. I didn’t have either of these tins so I used one of my square ones.

Preheat oven to 170 c or gas 3 . Chop the butter and marzipan so it makes it a little easier to mix them together. I put the block of marzipan in the microwave for a few seconds till it was soft nearly like playdough. Mix butter , sugar and marzipan together using some sort of blade mixer till they are pretty well smooth .When I had my butter , sugar and marzipan mixed I put on my normal cake mixing attachment and mixed the rest of the cake.Add the almond and vanilla extract and mixer them in  , then add in the eggs one at a time and I added a little flour with each egg till all the eggs and all the flour have been mixed in.

Pour your cake mixture into your tin for my square one I buttered and lined the bottom of it .

Bake for 50 minutes roughly start to check cake from 40 minutes with a skewer , when its cooked and golden brown remove from oven and leave to cool before turning out of tin .  Cover with some icing sugar and serve .

This would be a lovely cake I think slightly warm and a scoop of vanilla ice cream with it . Next week it’s Rosemary loaf cake another one I have never made . Happy Baking :).



2 thoughts on “Nigella Challenge, Easy Almond Cake.

  1. Hi
    I have just made this cake last night for a work colleague’s birthday. Like you the problem I found was the ring tin and ended up buying on for £1.50 from Tescos.

    I did not have the almond extrace so just doubled the vanilla extract instead.

    I would make it again, but found it very rich and services more than the 12 suggested by Nigella.

    This is the only entry on your blog I have read (I will go back now) but can heartily recommend her dense chocolate loaf (use a bigger tin than she suggests) but her lemon syrup cake is a firm favourite.

    Abigail – Keeping It Simply Thrity

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