My Bucket List.

This is something I have been thinking about for a while , starting my bucket list . I always taught a bucket list was for an older person for all the things they want to do and not for someone my age or younger. My bucket list has been adding up in my head for a while now so I decided today was as good a day as any to eventually write them down.

Once I have them written down I have no excuse not to at least try and get them done , one or two things will need a little miracle for them to happen but no harm in wishing :). Now that I am eventually writing down my list I am hoping it will give me the push I need to get going because I would be great at thinking of things but not doing them. So now that you guys all know I will have no excuse 🙂 . Has anyone else written their bucket list ? . 

My Bucket List :

  1. Travel to Canada.
  2. Spend a weekend in the Ritz in Paris.
  3. Spend a week or more on a cattle round up in America on horse back.
  4. Travel to Vietnam.
  5. Compete in Dressage at any level.
  6. Do more Endurance rides with my mare Blue.
  7. Do a writing / English course.
  8. Be an extra / presenter / actor on tv. ( this is one of the miracle ones )
  9. Write a book . ( have plot and characters but don’t know what to do with them that’s why I need no 7 )
  10. Try to have a little more time for myself . 
  11. Drive a really nice car . 
  12. Win a lotto jackpot . ( this is another miracle one )
  13. Start my own Equine rescue and rehabilitation centre. ( need no 12 to do this )
  14. Have a holiday home around cork or Kerry by the sea . 
  15. Have more friends . 
  16. Get married.
  17. That my little Blog will be successful and will continue for years.

That’s it so far as time goes by I will keep adding to it but I hope I will be ticking them off as well , now if anyone can help me with any of them let me know :). 


3 thoughts on “My Bucket List.

  1. This is on my to do list too – to write a bucket list! I did see something on facebook today that there are auditions for extras coming up soon in Dublin so have a look and see if you can tick that one off 😉

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