Nigella Challenge : Madeira Cake.

This is the second cake in my Nigella challenge and yes it’s another easy one and so is next weeks Almond cake but they will slowly get harder. I had never made Madeira cake until a few month’s ago because any I had bought were never very nice. Shop bought cakes are normally not nice but any Madeira ones were always dry and powdery and very boring. One day while I was trying to decide what to bake avoiding all the slightly harder cakes I came across this recipe for Madeira cake so I said I would give it a try , It was only heavenly,I have been converted. It also gets a full thumbs up from all the farmers which is always a good sign :).

240g softened unsalted butter , 200g caster sugar plus extra for sprinkling , grated zest and juice of one lemon , 3large eggs , 210g self raising flour , 90g plain flour , 23x13x7 cm loaf tin buttered and lined.

Cream butter and sugar , add lemon zest.

Add eggs one at a time with a little bit of flour each time you add an egg. Then mix in the rest of the flour and your lemon juice .  Pour the mix into you tin and sprinkle some caster sugar over the top and put it into oven which has been preheated to 170c / gas 3 .

It takes about an hour to bake when cooked set it on a wire rack to cool in the tin before you take it out.That’s the hard part having to wait because there is such a lovely smell from this cake you just want to cut it straight away.

I took the lazy option and mixed it in my electric mixer , My tin is maybe a little small for this cake because I have a little over hang on one side but it still tasted yummy :). I made this on Tuesday afternoon and by half eight Tuesday night there was only one small slice left .  

Next week I am going to try an Easy Almond cake , I have never made this one before so god only knows what will happen 🙂

Happy Baking :).


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