A Wet Sunday.

In our house a wet Sunday is a funny sort of day , we are all at a bit of a loss as to what to do for the day. You see if it was fine today we would be still out going around the yard doing a few little jobs till lunch time and then after lunch we would spend the afternoon inside. The boys play their xbox and playstation, I read the paper and make the most of no one wanting to watch tv , the littlest farmer and the farmer normally get an hours rest.

So today it is a wet day and no one really knows what to do , is it bad that when we can’t work we are a bit lost ??. Is it bad that we find it easier to stay working than to have nothing to do ??. We finished our yard work today at 9.30 , went into town got a few bits in the shop and came home. The boys have taken up the whole sitting room one is playing farm simulator on the computer the other has his playstation hooked to the tv and the littlest farmer is watching them both. The farmer disappeared nearly two hours ago to have a bath I haven’t seen him since so I reckon he is getting a rest. I am stuck in the kitchen with my mother who keeps asking me what I am doing and while I was making the brownies and brown bread kept telling me how I should do it. 

Afternoon now will be long the boys will have the whole sitting room taken over , My Mother will be gone down to her room so I will be left in the kitchen. I have planned to read the paper , maybe bake some more, change my nail polish , make steak sandwich’s for supper and watch my new favourite programme at the minute Heart of Dixie . What the farmers will do I don’t know , but I will hear I bet that today is such a long boring day :). What do you do on a wet Sunday to pass the time ?? Would love to hear if you have any tricks for keeping a house of men from getting bored ??:).

Enjoy your Sunday :).


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