Playing Catch Up.

I ran out of time yesterday to do a post when I was finished all the bits I had to do it was 9.30pm so I sat down and read my book for half an hour before I went to bed.

I have been having one of those weeks where you are not home for two days so for the rest of the week I am playing catch up on all the things I didn’t do when I was away while still trying to get all my usual things done. But today I am taking ten minutes to write my post outside in the lovely sunshine we have been having while the littlest farmer plays with his toys.

Yesterday I decided to start a very late spring clean and to work all the way around the house over the next week or so. I will have to hold my hands up and confess I am not a domestic goddess 90% of the time it looks like a bomb exploded in it between wellies , coats , dogs , toys , sand ( that comes from the arena) and god only knows what else it is far from a show house. I like to call it the lived in look :). During the last few months I had the sheep to blame for my total lack of house work being done but not anymore .  So when the cobwebs and dust started to try hang and smother me it was time to get my yellow marigolds out and tackle my house. God was I sorry , this is why people get someone else to do their house work every week and if I could afford someone then so would I . 

The very late spring clean started on the landing down the stairs , into the hall  , over bookshelves and onto the downstairs boys bathroom I need to say no more on the bathroom :(. All my books came down and god can they hold some dust , where do I gather them all up from some I don’t even remember buying and in total there is 15 I haven’t read yet wonder can I blame the sheep for that one ? . Then there was the cobwebs one day there is none then the next there they are like bloody candy floss , if it rains soon its my fault I killed numerous spiders yesterday . It took me two hours yesterday to do just the above doors , floors , books and dusting I hated every minute of it but must admit its nice even if it is just for a little while to have one place in the house that is clean . Next on my list sitting room and kitchen , If anyone has any handy tips for making this house cleaning thing a bit handier let me know ? :).

Have a good Thursday everyone 🙂.


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