Blonde or Brunette ?

Blonde or Brunette ? Is it true blondes have more fun ? Is it true brunette’s are seen as more intelligent ? Well to be honest I don’t know but I have decided to go from brunette back to blonde. I was blonde up until I had the littlest farmer two years ago. When he was small I didn’t have anyone to mind him for the two hours it took to get my hair done so I decided one evening to go to the local supermarket and get brown hair dye. At that stage I was neither brown nor blonde  so something had to be done. I was sorry I went back brunette a few weeks after I put the colour in .
You see when I was small I had blonde curly hair then as I got older it slowly became darker till it was a shade of brown that was neither dark blonde nor dark brown. I started to dye my hair when I was about 17yr because that was when I started to notice the grey ones appearing , I have had just about every colour you could have from plum , black , red , hint of blue , blonde and numerous shades of brown.
So over the last few months I have been thinking again about going back to blonde and its not because I had more fun blonde it is for the simple reason blonde is easier for me to keep . I was having to dye my hair brunette every six weeks or less because the grey was just so obvious and at 34yrs I am not ready to be all over grey just yet. When I was blonde it was twice a year I had to get my hair done and the grey was not nearly as obvious which is what I want. So on Sunday I left the littlest farmer with the farmer and I headed off to get the first stage of going back to blonde . I had forgotten how nice it was to get your hair done, I had a head massage and as I was lying getting my hair washed I also had a back massage , heavenly . When I was done I am about half way back , it will take two more colours to have all blonde because it takes a while to get rid of my brunette.
Will have more fun being blonde will have to let you know , all I know is I will be happy not to have to buy hair colour every few weeks .


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