The Littlest Farmer Tries Gymboree.

When we were in the local health centre getting the littlest farmer’s developmental done I noticed a sign for Gymboree classes in our local town.I had been thinking of trying to find a good local Montessori for him to start in September once he is toilet trained , when the public health nurse said to me that the littlest farmer needed to mix more with kids his own age I decided to enrol him in the class.

I hadn’t given much taught to the fact that he has no one his own age to play with and would be around teenagers and adults all the time. The nurse pointed out that maybe by being around kids his own age he will have to make more of an effort to talk because if he doesn’t they wont understand him.

There is one woman who has a horse on livery with us who has a daughter a little younger than the littlest farmer but he doesn’t like her at all . He just looks at her funny and walks away with no interest at all in wanting to play with her. So on Monday we headed for our first Gymboree glass. He of course had no idea where we were going but I did and was a little nervous he would take one look at all the other kids and do a runner :).

When we arrived there was only one other mother there and she had twins a boy and a girl who were one month younger than the littlest farmer. At first the littlest farmer hid behind me just looking at the other two kids but slowly he started to stand near them , then try to talk to them and then touch them just to make sure they were real. After a while some more kids arrived all about a year older than the littlest farmer , all the others had been to the class the last time it was on so they all knew the songs and games while me and the littlest farmer tried to keep up :).

After the first few songs the littlest farmer was trying to sing along , do all the hand movements for the songs and dance around with the other kids which was great because at least he didn’t try to run away from them. At one stage we all had to sit in a circle and the littlest farmer left me and went to sit on the teachers knee :). The kids were given a group of instruments to play with, we were told  to just let them work out how they make noise so while all the other kids were happy enough that what they had was making noise that wasn’t enough for the littlest farmer  , no he had to find out how they worked he had to look into the bell to see what was making the noise and see could he take it out and turn the drum over ten times to see how that worked.

The one thing he had a little trouble with was when he had to share , each child in turn was given a drum to play while we all sang their favourite song , but the littlest farmer got the drum first we sang Old mc Donald and then he had to give the drum to the next child. This was the bit he didn’t get but after a few minutes he realised everyone got to have a go . The other thing he didn’t understand was that he couldn’t have Gymbo , Gymbo is like the mascot he is a clown teddy and there is a gymbo puppet as well and the littlest farmer wanted the teddy one and even wanted to bring it home I hope that doesn’t happen next week :).

I am glad he enjoyed it and it will help him when he starts Montessori , we did songs, a lot of them I would have forgotten since my Montessori days , musical instruments , bubbles , colours , body parts like your arms , legs , nose , eyes  , action songs and chasing balls. There was a lot done in the hour , no time for them to get distracted and a really fun way to learn little things and meet other kids. We are booked in now for the next six weeks every Monday again the six weeks are up we will be action song specialists :).



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