Out Of The Habit.

I have to say sorry first for not blogging for nearly two weeks now but life on the farm got in the way and when it wasn’t in the way I was coming up with excuses as to why I just didn’t have the time . Truth be told I had just gotten out of the habit , I love blogging so I don’t really know what happened and I haven’t yet hit blogger’s block.
I did have a week when all the farmers were sick so 90% of the yard work was left to me including the house so that really was a week when I didn’t have the time. I was lucky that week to even brush my hair some days. Then last week I still seemed to be as busy, the last few ewe’s still had to lamb , two Dublin run’s and then my usual horse and house work . In the evenings then I just wanted to sit and rest and I kept telling myself it’s nicer to blog in the morning and that it was just to late to blog in the evenings, any excuse.
But our last ewe lambed last night so that is at least my sleep routine back to normal and the calves are just off milk so they will be going out to grass which will mean our yard work will be halved as we will only have to check them twice a day. So I am hoping I will be back to normal over the next few days. I have found blogging and even though I love it while I am doing it is a thing that if you start to ease up on it gets forgotten about or with me it does. The same with my rowing and jogging , I said I would give rowing a break while I was lambing because I was just to tired to row and I would start back jogging with the fine evenings but so far I have always had an excuse as to why I shouldn’t go . It has to stop now I need a kick in the ass to get myself in gear.
I get such a buzz after I have gone rowing , I feel so much better for the jogging/walking and I love sharing my daily madness with everyone so no more excuses I will have to get back into the habit :). I even brought my laptop to Dublin with me today so I could write this on it and have it done when I got home , haven’t been converted to blogging on my phone just yet :). So from today on it’s all back to normal or maybe I shouldn’t say that out loud :).
Does anyone else find they get out of the habit when they stop doing something like blogging , exercise ?


2 thoughts on “Out Of The Habit.

  1. We can’t always do what we want to to, when we want to, as life gets in the way, as it should be. Glad the Farmers are better, and you are back blogging again :))

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