While I was making the lunch on Sunday some old tractors went passed our house and of course they got all the farmers full attention. I made the mistake of saying that there was a vintage show on in town, you never saw a bunch of men run for the stairs change their clothes and be ready to go to anything as quick.
Because the farm has been so busy for last few months it was nice to be getting out of the yard even if it was to see cars and tractors :). These are some of the cars we saw , the red and white Corvette was the biggest hit I think . We stayed about an hour before heading home but not before stopping the get a cone :).

20120509-023626 PM.jpg

20120509-023634 PM.jpg

20120509-023645 PM.jpg

20120509-023712 PM.jpg

20120509-023720 PM.jpg

20120509-023734 PM.jpg

20120509-023759 PM.jpg

20120509-023810 PM.jpg

20120509-023825 PM.jpg

20120509-023909 PM.jpg

20120509-023924 PM.jpg


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