The Female Face Of Farming.

Last night I was suppose to be going to the Women and Agriculture spring series but due to sick little farmer’s I had to miss it this time. The last conference was on in October, it is a day I look forward to all year. I have been to two conference’s now and the last one I went to gave me the push I need to start my little blog , it was also the first time I had ever tried twitter :).

The first year I went to the Women and Agriculture conference it was out of an interest in farming and a love of the hotel it was held in 🙂 . Last year I went because I was actually farming and felt a need to go because I was finding farming quiet a lonely job. I was starting to feel like the only woman who has to try balance family , house , business , care of her parent’s and farming with the farmer as well .

Where we live I don’t know anyone who juggles business , family and farming as 99% of the farmer’s in this area are male

. So while the farmer had other farmer’s to talk to about his daily struggles on the farm I didn’t and that was hard. The farmer is the best in the world but I know he doesn’t really understand even though he does try :). That is why last year I really got a lot from the conference , it was nice to sit in a room with hundreds of other women who were just like me it help me to not feel alone.

I had been toying with the idea of a blog or even just keeping a diary for ages but never had the nerve to start. When I went home that evening after the conference I decided that now was to time to start , I wasn’t alone .

When I spotted this website about a month ago I put it on my list of to look at later , but life got a little busy and I didn’t get around to it till now. I’m sure everyone as a list like that ?:). , it is the female face of farming. Women are the backbone of farming especially in the developing world. Women only receive a fraction of the land , training or credit men get . Investing in women has been shown to increase productivity , reduce hunger and improve rural livelihood’s.

The principles of Farming First is to safeguard natural resources , share knowledge , build local access , protect harvests , enable access to markets and prioritise research .

Have a look at the Farming First site so much information on it :). Hope everyone who was at the Women and Agriculture conference last night enjoyed it .

Have a good Thursday everyone :).


One thought on “The Female Face Of Farming.

  1. I hope all the farmers are getting better 🙂
    I must check out that website, have heard of it before but never got around to looking at it. I didn’t get to the conference either but I was a bit disappointed that the topics seemed a bit stereotypically ‘female’ with the focus on household budget, nutrition and a cookery demonstration. Maybe that is what most farmer’s wives enjoy hearing about but it just seemed a bit stereotypical. Having said that,, I would have gone but it clashed with another event in Dublin.

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