Finally I Am Free .


I love all my horses but I have one that is all my own. She is a 15h, 15 year old mare who I love to bits’s her name is Blue. She has a big personality and we fall out at least once a week when we just don’t see eye to eye. I have had her for the last ten years and they have been great , we have tried our hand at cross country , show jumping , dressage and endurance and loved them all.

Last June that all stopped she developed severe lameness in her near hind ( left ) and we called the vet he taught it was a very bad case of thrush so we treated her for this with stockholm tar and bluestone but it just didn’t work. The smell from her foot was like rotting flesh so we called the vet again and again he said it was just thrush and to try something else , this continued for month’s and month’s. We were able to get it to 70% gone and then it would flare up again , we tried every lotion and potion there is for thrush but nothing was working.

Then shortly after Christmas it flared up really badly , I found blue sweating and shaking in her stable with her leg swollen and refusing to move . The poor mare was in extreme pain so we called the vet again. I had never seen a horse like this before and when the vet came out I knew by his face he didn’t think she would make it. He asked how the thrush treatments had worked , we told him they hadn’t so he decided to try a course of antibiotics . He gave her very strong pain killers and decided to pair away some of her foot that had gone black to see what was there. That was when we found it , her foot was rotten in two places from an infection and all the white we had seen was puss from and infection. We were told that he really didn’t think the antibiotics would help because she had this infection so long it could be gone to the bone , but he would hold off putting her down for a few days just to see. Thank god he did 🙂 because with three weeks of different antibiotics , keeping her bed super clean,not letting her out and cleaning her foot everyday her foot has now started to grow back and finger’s and toe’s crossed it is all gone and won’t flare up again.

So today because her foot is on the mend the farrier was called to see is her foot ok to get shoe’s put on and I let her out for her first run in the sand arena since about October. She was a good girl and was clever enough to not go totally mad and damage her foot. I am so glad we decided to try the antibiotic’s and not put her to sleep I would be lost without her :).


7 thoughts on “Finally I Am Free .

  1. I am a horse fiend as well. Have three right now and too busy to ride as much as I’d like but never too busy to hug and groom. So glad it looks like things are turning round for Blue. Best of luck

    • Thanks Donna, sometimes grooming and a hug is every bit as nice as riding them. What do you do with your horses ? do you compete ? we have our fingers and toes crossed that her food stays ok now.

  2. She looks great now, wow.
    Know what you mean by having a personality clash with an animal and yet being fond of them – have a goat like that too!

    • Some people look at me strange when I start to tell them about all the different personalities the horses have they think I am a little mad :). You have to love the ones with a little bit more personality than the other’s . Goats are know to be big on personality, we were always told as kids a goat would bunt you when you wouldn’t be looking.

  3. Hi Elaine, I tried to leave a comment here the other day, but somehow it got deleted when I went to the login page so I gave up (it’s me, not the site). Just wanted to say what a beautiful post…..I could just feel the power of Blue’s pent up energy and giddiness coming off the page here, what spirit she has! So happy you decided not to put her down…..we find that the vets often make that suggestion more often than my husband is comfortable with (well, we have a paddock of geriatric cattle that are nursed even though they will prob never walk again, but Richard thinks they deserve to have a relaxing retirement before the inevitable so maybe that’s too far on the other direction, but you get my point =)) because just look at her she’s filled to the brim with life!
    You must have been just beside yourself with joy on this day..good on you. Always love reading your posts even if you don’t see a comment. xx

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