A New Piece of Tech .

Just before Christmas I treated myself to a netbook and gave my old laptop to the farmer’s , they eventually killed it . I had said when the netbook arrived that it was only for me to use because the farmers are very hard on gadget’s . That changed of course when they didn’t have a laptop any more and so I was once again having to book my time on my little netbook , that changed yesterday :).

Well over a year ago I bought the farmers a pc game called farm simulator , this is a game where you build and farm your own farm. But because of the graphics in the game we never had a computer with a good enough graphics card to play the game . So when the old laptop was killed they decided they were going to save and buy themselves one that will play their game .

I brought them to a really good computer shop in Gorey and they had a computer built for themselves to play these games and it arrived yesterday . So there hard earned savings was handed over , so nice I didn’t have to hand out the money for once :). Home we came and all three of the farmer’s couldn’t wait to get there new toy going . I was politely told the netbook is really no good and they wouldn’t ever use it again now they have their own one .

All I can say is I am delighted to have my no good little netbook back back all to myself and I can now have my own little office where ever I decide I want to work in the house . Today it’s at the kitchen table with the sun shining in , while the farmers have their own office and homework space .



20120422-045014 PM.jpg

20120422-045022 PM.jpg


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