The Littlest Farmer’s Developmental.

The Littlest Farmer had his developmental test today his last one was six month’s ago. I had forgotten how many of these they have or maybe there wasn’t as many when R and L were that age.

Six months ago I was told his speech was slow , he was too tall and too heavy for his age  , he had a dimple at the base of his spine and he had no reflex to put his hands out in front of him when he fell. So six month’s later has much changed , we have found the reflex to put his hands out when he falls and that’s about it .

The littlest farmer is the average height and weight for a four year old and he is now only two years and three month’s . His speech is still not good and he should have a lot more words for his age . He has a good few words I think but they are all to do with at home here , the words he was asked was to do with a zoo. I have never done anything yet to do with the zoo with the littlest farmer but ask him about any farm animals and he will tell you what they are and makes of tractors , his colours and he can count to five. So we now have to go see a speech therapist to try and encourage him to talk more.

He still has his little dimple at the base of his spine and has started to limp on and off on his left leg , at first I had put it down to a twist or pull maybe but he had it again last week . The nurse thinks it might be related to his dimple so we are off to the doctor the get it checked and also a physio to see if they can help.

I think if you were a first time mother too many of these developmental’s would make you very concerned about your child . They focus on what is normal for the average child but I have yet to see two children that are the very same . Yes they are handy to spot anything huge that might be wrong but I think as a mother you would know this without a nurse telling you. If I hadn’t of had two children before and the littlest farmer was my first I would have found out so far that he is not developing normally , he is to tall, to heavy and now maybe this dimple is causing problems when he walks. If I was a first time Mam I would now be in a state of panic . 

But I’m not what I see is a happy , healthy , noisy two year old who is to clever to waste time talking when he can just show us what he want’s but when pushed is well able to talk . I know he is huge compared to other kids his age but he is healthy and well and no different than his brother’s were. I would be a little worried about his dimple and his limp but I will cross whatever we find out when we find it out and until then he will just be my not normal normal two year old farmer :).


4 thoughts on “The Littlest Farmer’s Developmental.

  1. Terrible the worry they cause new Moms for sure! Your right not to worry too much.Hope you get some answers on the dimple. Is it close to the tailbone? My daughter had a dimple by her tailbone…I did as well…so did my sister. It was a genetic thing, but not one of great concern. Your doing a great job Mom!

  2. Tackle everything one at a time. If you were to worry about everything these tests “tell” you, you certainly would be sent into a complete state of panic. He sounds like a very happy boy to me, and that’s what matters 🙂

  3. Hi Elaine. Both my boys had a limp
    At around 2. On d first we were very worried – went to gp who checked hips all that and we’re told to monitor. In our case it was our trusty babyminder figured it out. We needed to go up
    A size in his nappy! The elastic was cutting into d little crease or was a bit tight and once we changed that he stopped. My eldest v tall and big at d time for age too so size 6 pampers helped for a while and then we moved to Lidl large pull ups purple pack. Just might be that. Either way I agree asking a country child words he is not familiar with is unfair. A mother knows best if her little ones r doing ok.

    • Hi Catherine , I have moved the littlest farmer to size six huggies little walker’s but that’s as far up as they go and he won’t get to long out of them. I didn’t know Lidl did a bigger size ? so far no limp so fingers crossed :).

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