A Farm Update .

It has been so long since I have done a post about the farm and the farm is also the reason I have done no farm related posts. You when you are doing something all the time the last thing you want to talk about is that thing ? well the farm had gone a little like that. We have been very busy since early February that all we seem to talk about here is the farm so my little blog was a chance to talk about everything else. But the girls have given us a little rest for a few days till today so will update you all now on what we have been up to and why I have been so quiet on twitter and facebook :).

Horses :

I have been busy with lessons and livery since christmas , the lessons took up two extra evenings during the week. I normally have my lessons on a Thursday afternoon for the kids and Thursday night for my adults and all day on a Saturday. But I had a group of women who were training for their BHS Stage one exam which they sat yesterday so fingers crossed they get on well that took up both Monday and Tuesday nights. 

Sheep :

All our older ewes decided they were all going to lamb on St Patrick’s day and get it over and done with . Out of that group we ended up with two pets who we called Ken and Stella 🙂 They are gone really big and will be weaned off their bottles in another two to three weeks as they are now eating meal and hayledge. Our Ewe lambs decided then it was their turn to give this lambing thing a go , they are not as organised as the older girls and have been dragging it out . Half have lambed and so far we have none that have had a breakdown when they lambed and decided being a Mam was not for them , this can happen with first time lamber’s. We have had to help a few to lamb but nothing to bad so far , they took a few days off and now today they have started again . We let them out during the day but bring them in at night as this makes it easier to check them , I do the eleven check when I am down giving the pet’s their last feed the farmers does a three in the morning check and then we are all up at half six. 


Our first bunch of ten bull calves we got are all doing well they are going onto once a day milk next week and then out to grass they are getting calf meal twice a day and hayledge. The second bunch of ten we got are a few weeks younger so they will be on twice a day milk for another while . This group had their little horn bubs removed the other day by burning them , it’s not a pleasant smell when they are getting it done.

Bull Beef :

We divided our bulls into two groups one that went out to grass and one that stayed in . The group that we kept in are now up on adlib meal and will stay like that till june , at this point they will go to the factory. We put them up to adlib slowly so as not to cause any tummy upsets which could set them back a little . The boys that are out on grass will stay out for another few months and will then be brought in and gotten ready for the factory as well with them going around September time.

I was hoping to have a few photo’s to show you all but will try and get some over the next few weeks and show you how all the stock are doing. When it’s all written down I can see why I seem to have so little time at the minute , but it is very rewarding to see how your work makes a difference even if your whole body aches with tiredness :).



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