A Titanic Heroine , Margaret Tobin Brown.

Margaret Tobin Brown was born in Hannibal , Missouri . Margaret was the daughter of John Tobin and Johanna Collins who were both Irish immigrants. Margaret Married James Joseph Brown who was a miner an who’s parents ha also come from Ireland. They Married in 1886 and lived in Stumpftown James worked as a miner and Margaret raised their two children. 

Margaret was involved in the early feminist movement, she also worked in a soup kitchen helping families of miners who had been struck by the great depression. James devised a way of extracting gold that was to make both him and Margaret very rich , but they never forgot where they started and had a great sense of fairness. Margaret was one of the first women in the US to run for the Senate eight years before women were aloud to vote, in doing so she became well known for advocating human right’s.

In 1912 Margaret was travelling in Europe with her daughter who was studying at the Sorbonne when she received word that her grandson was sick back home so she booked her place on Titanic . On the night Titanic struck the iceberg Margaret help other’s into lifeboats and she was finally forced into lifeboat number six where she an other women in the lifeboat worked together to row and to keep spirits up.

When she was safely on board the rescue ship the Carpathia Margaret use her fluency in French , German and Russian to help other survivor’s from Titanic. She helped to establish the Survivor’s committee and raise 10,000 dollars for the survivors. Margaret remained on the Carpathia till all the Titanic survivors had met up with family or friends.

This spirit is what made Margaret famous and for Hollywood to make her famous as the ‘Unsinkable’ Molly Brown. After surviving Titanic Margaret went on to help during the first world war , she helped with wounded French and American soldiers . In 1932 she was awarded the French Legion of Honour for being an overall good citizen. Margaret died later in 1932 from a brain tumour but she will be remembered forever.

Margaret Caught my attention first because she shared the same surname as the farmers ‘ Tobin ‘ and it made me wonder if they might some way be related ?? and also she was such a brave and strong woman who achieved so much in her life . To be so brave to think of getting other’s to boats first and to stay to make sure everyone was ok when they got to the rescue boat that takes a very strong character. I don’t know if I would be that brave if I was in the same situation .



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