Titanic’s Last Menu’s.

20120412-051222 PM.jpg
On their last night at sea the above is what everyone had a choice of . It is very easy to see the class divisions that were aboard the ship just by the choices on each menu .
Titanic had 36,000 apples and the same amount of oranges , 1750 lbs of ice , 2500lbs of peas , 40,000 eggs , 1500 gallons of milk , 6000lbs of butter , 75,000 lbs of fresh meat , 25,000lbs of fresh poultry and 11,000 lbs of fish. Titanic’s kitchens turned out over 6000 meals a day and it had 500 kitchen staff but fewer than 70 survived.
When you see those kinds of figures it’s hard to imagine how they managed to store everything and produce so many meals . I complain about having to feed six three times a day :).
If you had a choice of the above menu’s which one would you choose ??


3 thoughts on “Titanic’s Last Menu’s.

  1. Honestly, the third class menu looks more appealing to me. I have one of the third class replica mugs, I think of them everytime I have my tea or coffee in it.

    • Sorry Colette and Jennifer only replying now we are so busy at the minute . It would make you wonder about the class difference and how it must have effected people . I am with you on the third class menu it would be my choice as well .

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