Titanic 100 Years.

I have always had a little fascination with stories of the sea and it would be the one thing I would be a little superstitious about . I love boats , both watching them and sailing on them . Last September I even joined the local sea rowing club which I love but at the minute I have very little time to do.

So because it is the 100 years since Titanic was lost to the sea I have been reading just about everything I can find on the ship and also recording some tv programmes as well. Today the Irish Examiner has a lovely pull out section in the paper all about Titanic  over the next few days I will share some of what I have learned about this wonderful ship.

Some Titanic facts :

  • Fourteen years before the Titanic sailed, US author Morgan Robertson wrote a book about a ship that set sail from Southampton, hit an iceberg in the Atlantic and sank. That just freaks me out :).
  • 3000 men worked for two years to build Titanic.
  • A five year old boy launched Titanic, he was the nephew of the designer Thomas Andrews.
  • If the Titanic was to be built today it would cost 400 million dollars.
  • During sea trials Titanic’s stopping distance after travelling at full speed was half a mile.
  • Titanic was the first ocean liner to offer it’s passengers the use of a heated pool.
  • There was only one toilet for men and one for women for the whole of the 700 third class passenger’s.
  • Titanic was nicknamed the ‘ Millionaire Special’ because of all the wealthy passenger’s on board who’s combined wealth was over 11 billion dollars in today’s money.
  • The iceberg Titanic hit was about six stories high above the water and fifty below the water.
  • The ships band played right till Titanic sunk.
  • Most of Titanic’s victim’s died from the cold the water was minus two on that night.
  • A Frenchman on board was travelling with his two children who he had kidnapped from their mother , he drowned but both children survived.

On this day 100 years ago the Titanic left Cobh in Co Cork it was it’s last stop. We are planning a trip in the summer down to the Titanic centre in Cobh and I am really looking forward to it . I will have some more Titanic piece’s tomorrow .


2 thoughts on “Titanic 100 Years.

  1. If you love Titanic stories you should definitely follow our friend, Rory (twitter = @RoryGolden1) – he’s the only Irish man to have dived to the Titanic twice! Great stories to tell! He’s doing talks all over the place at the moment – very enthralling!

  2. Very interesting indeed! My daughter has been infatuated with all things Titanic. The exhibition was at our local science centre when they did science school for one full week last year. A wonderfully done exhibit. I had the good fortune to drive to Belfast after our Ireland tour with my Mom. We went and saw Thomas Andrews house, the Harland and Wolff yard, the very place where Titanic was lowered into the water. I took loads of photos for my daughter. We went with a lady whose great grandfather was one who worked on it and passed when it sank. I really would like to have seen the SS Nomadic, but it was under repair for the big 100. I would really like to as well, head to the other end of my country and see the grave marker and memorial to those lost. Canada did play a part in the recovery of what could be found. I also own the book you mentioned, Futility or The Wreck of the Titan, yet haven’t read it.

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