A Farmerette’s Beauty Product’s .

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As a farmerette my skin is the one thing that tells the tale on me of no sun cream , wind , rain , sun , heat and cold . I used to be very bad as well about minding my skin because it is much quicker to give your face a rub of a face cloth and on you go for the day.

That changed a few years ago when a close friend happened to comment on the fact we are both the same age but I had skin of someone ten years older who smoked 40 cigarettes a day. The farmers had always given me a set of Clarin’s products at Christmas time but I would use them for a while and then give up on it again. But not anymore , I can’t change the damage I have done to my skin as working outdoors is no help to it but I can try to slow it down a little.

So in the picture above are my all time must have and never run out of beauty products. The only thing that is not in the picture is my cowshed hand cream because it has ran out and no where can I find anymore . If anyone knows where I could get this please let me know as it is the best hand cream I have found for my dry and hard hands.

Clarins Thirst Quenching Mask :

I use this once every few weeks and what I do with it is cover my face with it, on the bottle it says to wash off after a few minutes but I leave it on all night and wash off what is left in the morning. It’s not the most romantic thing to wear to bed :).

Vaseline Original :

This is just a great little tub of magic , because I am out all the time my skin gets so dried out and this I use on my lips , face and eyes. I use it at night on my eyes because the skin around my eyes gets so dry at times my eyelashes start to fall out. If my skin on my face is really really dry I will put this on my face , yes it is very greasy but then you put a nice hot face cloth over your face and your skin will just feel so nice after. It’s also great for dry lips .

Rimmel Lash Maxxx:

This I find good because I was not blessed with lovely full long eyelashes so this gives me fairly good results with what I have .

Max Factor 07 Diva Pink Lip Gloss:

This is just lovely on your lips , it’s not to sticky , has a lovely smell and just a hint of colour . I am not a fan of lipsticks so gloss suits me as they are nice and fresh and not as heavy looking as a lipstick.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and Clarins Tinted Moisturizer:

If I am feeling a little pasty I will normally use my tinted moisturizer because it just give your skin a little glow with out being heavy and it moisturises your skin at the same time. If I am away from the farm I will use my Rimmel foundation just to even out my skin a little. Foundation and farming I have found are not a great mix because when you sweat it runs down your face :).

Roger and Gallet Perfumed Dry Oil:

This I was given at Christmas and I have to say I was not to sure about using it . It can be used on your hair or skin , so I tried it and now I use it most nights before bed on my face and neck and I would recommend it to anyone it is just soooooo good . It’s not greasy, dries into skin well and smells devine.

Clarins Hydra Quench Cream :

This is my moisturiser I use on the days I just feel like washing my face and nothing else . It is not heavy or greasy and leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft.

I feel that as a farmerette I work in quiet a male world and even with the horses you can at times find yourself falling into that frame of mind . I catch myself wearing baggy clothes or just looking in the mirror and saying sure that will do . I think it is easy when you are surrounded by men to forget you are not one of them that you are in fact a women and even if you are mucking out stables , teaching lessons , chasing sheep or feeding calves a little bit of lip gloss or mascara or just the fact your skin feels good can help you feel that bit more feminine .

I see a lot of women who farm or work with horse that have forgotten they are a woman. The hair cut is the same as a man’s , they are wearing clothes that could be a man’s and there is nothing to make them look like a woman, I think that is a shame.

Let me know if you use any of my can’t manage without beauty products and what you think of them ? or if you have found other products that work well let us know ?

Can’t wait to hear about your beauty product must have’s :).



4 thoughts on “A Farmerette’s Beauty Product’s .

  1. I have to admit I never wear make up up the yard but my skin is so dry due to eczema that I apply moistuiser a few times a day.

    Know what you mean re some farmerettes dressing quite masculine etc but to be honest, by the time I’ve sorted my wardrobe etc for meeting clients, I love the work at home days when I can slob about in jeans and no make up 🙂

    • I think that is what I suffer a little with around my eyes to Lorna because they get so dry , flakey , itchy and sore that all my eye lashes fall out. Doctor has given me creams but nothing really helps only Vaseline . It’s different if you wear feminine clothes half the time then it is nice to put something comfy on and relax , but some farmerettes just look like men all the time and it’s a shame .

  2. Morning Elaine,

    Writing to you from Cowshed! We loved your post about Farmerette’s beauty products, how fitting and thank you for our mention, so pleased to hear that you love our hand cream! I read that you are unsure as to where to find our products, so thought i’d pop you an email, you can buy online from us at Cowshed.com, here’s the link to our hand care products http://www.cowshedonline.com/hand_care/c84637-1.html. We also have a number of stockists, including John Lewis and House of Fraser if you have one nearby? Hope this helps.
    Best wishes

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