D Day

It’s arrived as I type I am in the NCT centre with the jeep getting it’s test done . I asked the man who took my keys had the printer loads of paper for my list of fails he taught I was joking ,I wasn’t :).
Over the last few weeks I had been reading various tweets from other farmers about weather changes and was keeping my fingers crossed that our lovely but very unseasonal weather would last but it didn’t . As I was going down to feed the pet lambs last night it was snowing away , not sticking with us but up a little higher it was. This is the scene we had from the yard this morning .

20120404-035353 PM.jpg
As lovely as the snow is to look at and I love when it is around but this time of the year with baby lambs and calves it is hard on them and on the kids I had for camp today as well .
So fingers crossed for my jeep and that some sun comes out tomorrow for our Easter egg hunt .


One thought on “D Day

  1. Fingers crossed your Jeep takes it easy on you! Sorry to hear about the weather too. We are currently under yet another winter storm warning. Looking at possibly 10-20cm of snow. I really thought that Spring was here, but that is weather for you. Have a lovely Easter! We will be looking for goodies this weekend at Grandma & Grandpas house up north.

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