We Have Managed The First Year.

Yesterday we were farming one year and what a year we have had. At times it feels like a lifetime and other times just a few month’s. We have had stress , fun , row’s , learning , pressure , tiredness ( we are suffering that at the minute ) , enjoyment and most of all a great sense of achievement.

We started this time last year with six bulls and six ewe’s for the farm. The farm buildings were in very bad repair and there was no such thing as grassland management .

One year later the shed’s are still not good , we have done a little work on them just to keep them together so we can use them until we can get around to fixing them. We have gone from six little bulls to thirty five bulls at this minute and we have gone from six ewes to forty one sheep in total.

I have to admit there has been times during the year where I have wondered if all the stress and pressure is worth it . Whether the lack of sleep and long hour’s will ever pay off but when I sit down today and think back on it all and about where we have come from, I think we might just be able to make it work . Will we be rich out of it ? I don’t think so but I do think if we can keep this pressure up we will be ok. Would farming be a job I will do forever ? Yes I would say I will but I am glad I have other interests outside of the farm because farming is a job that can start to take over your whole life. Do I think any of the boys will follow us ? To be honest I hope they do, it would be lovely to pass on what we started to one or all of them , I do know my riding school won’t be passed on it will end with me I think .

I am glad we decided to farm and not to set it to someone else , I hope I will always feel that way . I have learned so much over the last year I wonder where it all fits 🙂 and I look forward to everything else there is still to learn.

I wonder now after my first year as a Newfarmerette should I now change it to The Farmerette ??? or have I still a lot to learn before I am a true Farmerette ?


One thought on “We Have Managed The First Year.

  1. Well done and many congrats on your first anniversary. We are back almost ten years now and are still wondering re many of the things you mentioned so I think it always will. It is hard work but we’d be bored otherwise 😉

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